Top MBA Programs Rated by Educators

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You have come to a place in your life or your career where you feel that you have not truly reached the pinnacle of where you should be. You may have changed positions within your company or completely changed careers and still you feel that your growth is stagnated because you are lacking one thing, a MBA.

So you begin a diligent search on the Internet for reputable, accredited and affordable MBA programs but you have become bombarded by all of the information. You know you need to earn a MBA but you do not know where to start, which program is truly worth your time and hard earned money, how to apply for admissions or why the school is considered the best. I have developed a list of the Ultimate Top MBA Programs Rated by Educators. This list will answer your questions on admission, the MBA program and why it is the best.

According to the following schools were top ranked because of their full-time, part-time and executive MBA programs but I am adding a little more to include why they are the best and how to apply.

Top Ranked U.S. MBA Programs

1. Harvard University

a. The MBA program offers:

i. A required and elective curriculum

ii. Field studies, career treks, and in-depth immersions, under faculty guidance, take students to the frontiers of new markets, practices, and technologies across the globe.

iii. Everything on the HBS campus is designed to encourage community collaboration for a richer learning experience.

iv. The HBS experience is inherently international.

v. More than 40,000 of our alumni which are available to help current students build connections and uncover business opportunities throughout their careers.

b. Online admission process –

2. Stanford University

a. Offers three programs:

i. Traditional MBA - MBA curriculum offers depth, breadth, and options. The curriculum emphasizes an intensive core in general management, plus the depth of 18 majors and breadth of nearly 200 electives.

ii. Executive MBA - Depth, breadth, and options distinguish the Wharton MBA curriculum. The comprehensive core builds a strong general management foundation to further functional knowledge and strengthen strategic decision-making abilities.

iii. Joint Degree Programs - With 12 world-leading graduate and professional schools at Penn, students can select from the following dual-degree options: Biotechnology, Design, Engineering, Law, Medial Sciences, Nursing, and Social Work.

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3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

a. Offers two programs

i. The two-year MBA Program that offers managers a recently restructured and highly flexible curriculum that integrates the latest developments in management theory and practice.

ii. The Executive MBA Program is a rigorous 20-month, part-time MBA for high-potential executives committed to integrating their work and education.

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4. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business

a. Offers four distinct program

i. Two-Year (2Y) MBA - Offers the greatest flexibility to explore new areas of interest and develop solid management and leadership skills.

ii. One-Year (1Y) MBA - Accelerated program enables students with clear career goals, linked with their professional experience, to return to the workforce quickly.

iii. The MMM Program - Integrates management, operations and design elements in a dual-degree program taught by where students earn the master of business administration (MBA) and the master of engineering management (MEM).

iv. JD-MBA - Students earn the juris doctor (JD) and the master of business administration (MBA). Students apply only to Kellogg; both schools review the application. The GMAT is required but not the LSAT.

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5. University of Chicago Booth School of Business

a. Offers three program styles

i. The Full-Time MBA Program is a two-year program that offers flexibility curriculum.

ii. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs feature the same faculty and flexible curriculum as the full-time program but these programs allow students to build their skills without interrupting their careers.

iii. Executive MBA Program is offered in Chicago, London, and Singapore and is a 21-month program designed for experienced managers and directors seeking an intense professional development experience with an international flavor.

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When looking for a MBA program, even if it is not top ranked, you must ensure you are ready and willing to complete your degree. The typical MBA program takes about two years to complete and some programs require a thesis to complete. You should always ask questions and if possible visit the campus to speak with advisors and faculty about the requirements. Know how much you have to pay out of pocket for your MBA and look into scholarships and other financial aid opportunities. Remember admission process for any school of business requires a GMAT score of at least 1100; at least one essay; at least two letters of recommendations and the application fee. Check with schools in your area and compare their programs before making a final decision.

Getting your MBA opens a lot of doors for you, so good luck.