Graduate Degree Programs at Johns Hopkins University

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Success in Research: A Johns Hopkins Tradition

Here are some of the groundbreaking findings that Johns Hopkins researchers have come up with over the past few years, in a variety of disciplines:

  • Adults with epilepsy who are struggling with their anti-seizure medication have found that a modified form of the Atkins diet also works to reduce seizures. This project was finished in 2008.
  • Researchers have designed a prototype of the first fully integrated prosthetic arm. In contrast to other prosthetics, the user can control it naturally and receive sensory feedback from it.
  • In 2006, archaeologists on an expedition in Luxor, Egypt, found a statue over 3,000 years old – life size – of Queen Tiy, who was one of the queens of King Amenhotep III.

Additional highlights of Johns Hopkins research can be found in a wide variety of disciplines.

Krieger School of Arts & Sciences / Whiting School of Engineering

This section of Johns Hopkins University offers master’s and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of arts and sciences, as well as engineering.

Additionally, you can apply for the prestigious master’s level writing seminars that Johns Hopkins is known for.

Application deadlines vary by department, but they all tend to center near January 15, the winter before planned matriculation as a graduate student.

Carey Business School / School of Education / Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

The Carey Business School offers master’s and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of financial, marketing, organizational behavior, and other business-related disciplines.

Johns Hopkins has a school of education that prepares teachers to go out and make a difference teaching in primary and secondary environments. An intriguing program that Johns Hopkins offers is found in the Division of Public Safety Leadership, providing educational degrees to applicants from law enforcement agencies.

One of the most famed programs among Johns Hopkins’ graduate offerings is the international relations program in the Nitze school. Degree programs prepare students for all parts of the employment spectrum: government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector as well.

School of Medicine / School of Nursing

Johns Hopkins offers an M.D. program as well as a dual M.D./Ph.D. program, and has a superior reputation for providing the best in research physicians.

The School of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, as well as a Master of Science and a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing – quite a variety of degree options in comparison to many other nursing schools.

Peabody Institute / Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Peabody Institute offers excellence in graduate musical training.

The Bloomberg School of Public Health seeks to lead the finest in medical candidates into public health positions.

If you are interested in graduate studies in any of these areas, follow the specific link to more information about that degree program, including contact information for departmental representatives who can give you more specific details about that particular program. Best of luck to you!