London Graduate Schools: An Insight of Life in Graduate Schools London

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London Graduate Schools: A Gateway to a Better Education

So now you hold an undergraduate degree and you want to study somewhere in England. London is on your short list and you are still in a fix as to which city in England to choose for your graduate school. This article gives you some good reasons why London is an ideal choice.

Why Study in London?

Graduate schools in London have literally almost all the postgraduate courses available in the world. This is just one of the many reasons to choose London for graduate school. Graduate schools in London are very famous around the world for the quality education they offer that attracts tens of thousands of students around the world, every year. London has a great and welcoming student atmosphere and students from any part of the world feel themselves at home in a very short span of time.

Many universities are over a hundred years old. The quality of education provided by the graduate schools in London is well known and there need be no better proof than the already available evidence in the form of the alumni of the graduate schools who have goneon to create history. No other city in the world that has graduate schools, has so much promise like the ones that London offers. Since the quality of education is high, the job opportunities provided are world class and the students are given the jobs in some of the best companies. Moreover the top class companies in London will offer the students job opportunities, part time jobs, research opportunities and so on.

Due to the quality of education in graduate schools like London School of Economics and London School of Law, the top class firms often offer jobs without second thoughts because if the student is a part of those graduate schools he has to be the best in his job.Thus students graduating from graduate schools in London have their own advantages and the privileges.

London Graduate School Life:

Graduate school life in London is very flexible and the student can adjust to the conditions very easily without hassles. With so many postgraduate courses to offer the student doesn’t have to be in a predicament and think about what to do if he doesn’t get the course of his choice.

Top Graduate Schools in London:

With a little research the student can find the top graduate schools as per his postgraduate course. However here are a few top colleges that are either specialized in a particular postgraduate program or offer a variety of programs. Let us take a brief look at some of the top universities in London and see what they have to offer and what makes graduate study in London so special.

  • London School of Economics and Political Sciences,
  • University College, London,
  • King’s College, London,
  • Royal Holloway,
  • The London Business School,
  • Trinity College of Music

London School of Economics

London School of Economics and Political Sciences is commonly referred to as London School of Economics. It is a specialist constituent college of University of London. It is one of the top universities in the world with the lowest admission rate than other universities in Britain.

LSE graduates command the highest salaries among UK graduates at around 29,000 Pounds per annum ahead of Oxford, Cambridge, King’s and Imperial College London.

It offers 140 MSc programmes and 4 MPA programmes. Entrance standards are high for Postgraduate students as they are required to have a first class or good upper second class UK honours degree of its foreign equivalent. The acceptance rate is 10% and 3% for premier programmes such as full time MSc Finance and MSc Financial Mathematics. Arguably the toughest MSc level degree in the world, London School of Economics offers MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics.

As for the library, there need be no concern as it houses the world’s largest social and political sciences library.

Guaranteed for all first year undergraduate students, only specific residences are available for PG graduates. The residence accommodates a mixture of students both domestic and foreign, male and female, undergraduate and postgraduate.

Queen Mary, University of London

Known as Queen Mary and Westfield College until 2000 is a constituent college of University of London. It is a world leading research focused university and has produced 6 Nobel Laureates.

Though many courses are ranked high in the university, Linguistics and Dentistry are the courses with top ranks available in the university.

Accommodation is available for students, male or female, domestic or foreign, undergraduate or postgraduate. Stock court, Hatton house, Chapman, Chesney and Selin court are all residences for postgraduate students. With the exception of Stock court, the other residences have facilities for wheel chair disabled students.

London School of Business

It is considered one of the world’s most highly regarded business school and is usually ranked among the global top five. The admission process is very strict and requires a high GPA and high GMAT score with an average GMAT score of 694.

Full time as well as part time (16-20 months) MBA programmes are available. Students looking for fellowships can apply for the famous Sloan Fellowships.

Although there is no accommodation on campus for students in full-time programmes, there are private residential buildings that the students can choose from .The campus offers rooms on-campus only for visiting faculty.

Student clubs like the philanthropic club, professional interests club, regional and social clubs let the students explore new areas of interests and establish contacts with other students. This gives an opportunity for the students to experience the business atmosphere.

King’s College, London

It is a constituent college of London and was founded by King George IV. It has nine schools of study. History, politics, philosophy, music, dentistry, law, electronic engineering and medicine are some of the top courses offered by this college.

Libraries are spread across five campuses and provides access to hundreds and thousands of resources like books, journals and electronic resources.

Six halls of residences located throughout London offer accommodation for all students irrespective of their origin and doesn’t depend if they are married or not.

Imperial College, London

Officially known as The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, thisis one of the top 5 universities in the world. It is located in South Kensington in Central London.

Since the summer of 2008, the college has been conducting tests of it’s own to assess the skills of the students who seek admission for either graduate or postgraduate courses in the university. The procedures are very strict and the intake percentage is very low.

Twenty one halls of residence and over three thousand rooms make sure enough accommodation is available for a majority of the students. Help is provided for postgraduate students who want to live in private and those who wish to continue on campus can take position as hall seniors. The accommodation is very good and provides lots of facilities including internet access.

Going to London for a postgraduate degree offers top quality education with awesome facilities as we saw in a few of the many top colleges that have world rankings and are among the best.