Where to Find Six Sigma Certifications From Universities

Where to Find Six Sigma Certifications From Universities
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What Is Six Sigma?

There are many project management methodologies, however Six Sigma is perhaps the most well known. It consists of quality management through the DMAIC process or define, measure, analyze, improve, and control.

Through the five steps of DMAIC, Six Sigma users are able to ensure process improvement with quality project outcomes.

Learning and mastering Six Sigma does require training, however, and you can find Six Sigma training at universities from the basics to masters certificate programs.

Types of Courses

There are a few ways to obtain the Six Sigma knowledge you desire. If you just want the basics or if you want to complete a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, you do have some options. Some of the Six Sigma certifications available are:

  • Basics of Six Sigma
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
  • Yellow Belt Six Sigma
  • Green Belt Six Sigma
  • Black Belt Six Sigma
  • Master Black Belt Six Sigma

Where to Find Six Sigma Training

As mentioned above, Six Sigma training at universities is available onsite or online. Some universities or organizations that offer the training even offer discounts for group rates. Here are a few places to find Six Sigma training:

  • Villanova University – Here you can find many Six Sigma options; all available online. Choose from the basics to Master Black Belt training. You can even specialize your Six Sigma certification by profession such as health care, IT, or with a financial emphasis.
  • The University of Texas at Austin – This University offers a wide range of Six Sigma certifications throughout the year at their campus, however, they specialize in Black Belt certifications.
  • The University of Michigan – Both Green and Black Belt certifications are offered online or their experts will come to your facility. Their website offers a handy brochure that allows you to explore their Six Sigma certification programs.
  • Rutgers – This University offers an onsite weeklong, Kaizen event Green Belt program that includes both Lean and Lean Six Sigma courses.

Further Your Career With Six Sigma

Judo Black Belt Wikimedia Commons

While the above places are only a few of the universities that offer Six Sigma certifications, a simple Internet search for “Six Sigma training at universities,” will bring you many choices.

Many professionals who are thinking about exploring the world of Six Sigma may wonder how becoming certified can enhance their careers or what types of jobs are available.

According to Aveta Business Solutions, those who complete Six Sigma certification training have increased and recognized leadership and organization skills, enhanced written and verbal communication skills, and are excellent motivators. So what types of jobs can you get if you choose Six Sigma training at universities?

Many websites and professional employment agencies help Six Sigma certificate holders find all sorts of jobs. One such website, Jobs at iSixSigma helps connect Six Sigma professionals with employers for job opportunities such as:

  • Research Directors
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Process Managers
  • Quality Management
  • Continuous Improvement Managers
  • Health Care Industry
  • IT Industry

Actually, the demand for both Green, Black Belt and Master Black Belt Six Sigma holders is on the rise, especially when so many top companies like Ford Motor Company, Motorola, JC Penney and Diebold seeking staff that are certified in Six Sigma.

As many companies, both large and small, seek to improve processes and streamline their workforce while still producing quality outcomes continues to rise, so will the need for even more Six Sigma training at universities. If you think Six Sigma can help you improve your career goals or if you are thinking of changing your career goals, mastering the Six Sigma Methodology is a sure-fire way to begin.

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