What To Do With a Master's in Applied Psychology

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About Applied Psychology

Applied psychology uses the ideas of psychology in different fields, such as health, school, sport and environmental studies. Having a master’s degree in applied psychology opens multiple career doors for graduates. The American Psychological Association states that according to statistics from the Department of Labor, opportunities for people with a graduate degree in psychology will increase by 10 to 20 percent in 2010. Since this type of degree allows graduates to work in multiple fields, there is plenty to do with a master’s in applied psychology. When preparing for a career, soon-to-be graduates can keep a couple of these fields in mind.

Counseling Psychology Work

People who graduate with a master’s in applied psychology can go into counseling and clinical practice. For example, West Chester University states that options include counseling adults, or working with children and adolescents in a clinical setting. Some applied psychology degree holders may want to work in a school setting. However, people interested in counseling have a slight disadvantage by having only a master’s. The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards states that to practice as a counselor independently, a person must have a doctorate degree. Applied psychology master’s holders can practice psychology under the supervision of a person with a doctorate degree. Graduates can also do research in clinical psychology.

Sports Psychology Work

Sports psychology is another field that applied psychology degree holders can go into. West Chester University states that with an applied psychology degree, graduates can work as counselors for athletes, educate coaches on mental health issues with sports, and do health promotion among athletes. Sport psychologists can also teach and do research in the field.

Environmental Psychology Work

Applied psychology graduates can also do work in the environmental fields. For example, the West Chester University states that graduates can help with planning in urban areas, such as reconstructing areas that have been abandoned or run down. Environmental psychologists can also work on people’s interaction with the environment. One sub-field of environment psychology is environmental health, which focuses on how the environment impacts people’s health.

Consumer Psychology Work

Another way for graduates to use their applied psychology master’s degree is in the field of consumer psychology. West Chester University explains that consumer psychologists figure out how consumers respond to products and their advertisements, and then use that information to improve marketing strategies. Some types of jobs that a consumer psychologist may have include marketing, sales and consumer behavior, which analyzes how people perceive things and how much they cost.


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