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The process for submitting an application to an MBA program is slightly different at each school, but you will find that many require the same documents in an admissions packet. A resume, an essay, and of course the application form, are standard requirements for consideration. In addition to these components, your application will definitely need to be accompanied with a band of reference letters from your professional and academic colleagues. Using samples of MBA reference letters, along with some simple advice, will make choosing a recommender and receiving well written and leadership centered letters much easier.

Make it Personal

Seek out someone who knows you very well and can give explicit information on your performance, potential, and strengths. Discover references from your personal life, professional arena, or through your community works. Good choices will be a supervisor, a client, or community leader. Your recommender should not be a family member, someone from upper management, or a friend except in cases in which they have an alumnus relationship with the school to which you are applying. These choices are either too personal or too impersonal, neither possess an ability to supply the information that an admissions committee is looking for, which is quantifiable facts about you as a leader.

Be Specific in Your Abilities

Specify to your references that their letter should be exacting in respects of career accomplishments that left a positive impact on their business, your academics, or give detail to other events where you excelled showing skill above what was required. Seek references that have worked closely with you or that have first-hand knowledge of various milestones in your career, such as a supervisor at your first job. Your references should all have something great to say, but they do not need to all dwell on the same subject. If you must, guide them in the right direction by giving each reference a topic to write on, such as your mentoring skills or ability to motivate and self-start towards defining, achieving, and surpassing goals. Diversify references letters with a focus on strengths and weakness placed in proper perspective within each one.

Hone in on Your Biggest Selling Point

Any awards or accolades bestowed upon you during your career are excellent points to discuss in your reference letters. Do not assume that your references will include this specific information. Once again, guide them with highlighted suggested information to mention in their own words. Hand them each a copy of your application essay so that there is cohesion between the two.

Sample MBA Reference Letters Resumes and Career Strategies

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Getting into business school is all about selling yourself. Test scores and GPA cannot be where you rest your laurels in the business field. Educators, just like employers, want to see that you have what it takes to skillfully maneuver and manage the high output the business world demands. Make every piece of information you submit to the admissions panel highly visible with memorable selling points using the above samples of MBA reference letters and advice as a template.