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Microsoft Research PhD Scholarships

If your college or university is located in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East, then consider talking to your supervisor about the Microsoft Research PhD scholarships. Your program should be related to some area of computer science or related technology.

The application and requirements are extensive and rigorous; after all, this is a program of the Microsoft corporation. You can’t personally apply for the award, but your research supervisor, department secretary or another member of your university faculty can do so on your behalf. You and your academic department should also be willing to have a representative of Microsoft Research as one of your official external readers for your disseration.

Your selected department representative will fill out an online application form. You, along with your supervisor and other faculty involved in your dissertation, are also expected to create a project proposal of at least six pages. The proposal must address not only the typical research logistics such as hypothesis and testing methods, but also your supervisor’s expertise, and discuss the available resources at your university that will aid you in actually completing your proposed project. Once your supervisor gains approval, you will need to apply directly to Microsoft with your resume, references and other supporting credentials.

Depending upon the strength of the research team and the scope of the project, Microsoft Research typically offers varied amounts of funding for up to three years. Promising PhD students may also be offered paid internships at Microsoft’s laboratories. All selected PhD scholars will be offered transportation and other travel necessities to attend Microsoft’s Summer School program designed for scholarship winners.

Microsoft notes that about 20 percent of applicants each year are offered Microsoft Research PhD Scholarships.

Microsoft Research: PhD Scholarships

KPMG Foundation Minority Accounting Doctoral Scholarships

The KPMG Foundation Minority Accounting Doctoral Scholarship program is geared toward African-American, Hispanic-American, and Native American students pursuing PhDs in accounting. These PhD scholarships can only be awarded to U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a green card.

In 2010, the KPMG Foundation issued $10,000 scholarships to 11 minority doctoral students. Twenty-eight students who had received funding in 2009 earned renewed scholarships of $10,000 each. The KPMG Foundation Minority Account Doctoral Scholarships website notes that as of 2010, the organization maintains about $8.7 million in funds earmarked for future scholarships.

Applicants must also plan full-time attendance at an on-campus location of a college or university accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB.) Required application documents include a resume, proof of graduate status, and official transcripts.

Students who win an initial scholarship and maintain acceptable progress toward their PhD in accounting can apply each year for additional funding; the aggregate amount of KPMG Foundation funds awarded to one student cannot exceed $50,000.

The foundation also notes on its website that its program is not intended to replace funding and opportunities from the university or government; the aim is to enable promising minority students to pursuing a doctoral accounting degree without being compelled to work numerous part-time jobs. The KPMG Foundation encourages colleges with scholarship winners to provide a teaching or research assistantship to each student, a full waiver of tuition and fees, and a teaching or research assistantship.

KPMG Foundation Doctoral Scholarship Program

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