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Public School Employment

Public schools are under a lot of stress in recent years to perform well on state-mandated assessments. Schools are redesigning and revamping curriculums that have been in place for ages to adjust to the new requirements. These adjustments and revisions are being made by Curriculum Specialists, Curriculum Interventionists, Curriculum Technologists, and Curriculum Consultants. All of these administrative titles obviously have one component in common: Curriculum. Districts will not higher just ANYONE to design and implement a district-wide curriculum. Those given this task must have a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Working alongside district administrative staff, these positions will require you to meet with building principals, department heads, and to review assessment data in order to pursue the best route for curriculum & instruction creation for a public school system.

Private School Employment

Private schools are as equally concerned about their quality of curriculum as public schools, but have the freedom to implement various areas of study that public schools can not. For example, if you were to plan curriculum for a religion-based school, you would be expected to be knowledgeable in that area of religion and be able to design curriculum that incorporates those religious practices. Many universities with religious foundations offer coursework specific to the creation of religious curriculum and the religious philosophies behind that curriculum and mode of instruction. If you are interested in working for a private, religious school designing and creating new curriculum and instruction, you may want to pursue a degree from a university that specializes in that specific religion. They will be able to offer you coursework that public institutions do not have on their class schedules. If you want to add another challenging mode of curriculum planning to your resume (such as creating religion-based curriculum), then the private school route might be an avenue you would like to venture.

Private Assessment and Book Company Employment

The textbook and assessment industry is big business in the realm of Education. Many private companies require that their writers and designers have a thorough background in Curriculum and Instruction. If you are not interested in working in private or public schools, seeking employment with one of these companies could mean big bucks and require you to flex your creative muscles at the same time! Many states in the USA are under contract with different textbook and assessment companies. Each year, state-issued tests are written and designed by people with a wealth of experience in curriculum and instruction. Writers and creators of assessment companies need to be well-versed in curriculum state standards and must be able to recall of previous classroom experience to be exceptional at their jobs. The pay offered by textbook and assessment companies is oftentimes much, much more than the salaries offered by public and private school administrative positions. If you are wanting a fast-paced, rewarding career in Curriculum and Instruction, research and browse the major textbook companies websites for jobs available in your area!

Jobs for Curriculum and Instruction Abound!

No matter what area of employment, you choose to pursue, you will find an abundance of job opportunities for Curriculum and Instruction degree holders. Searching for jobs in this field is simple, and will not take much effort to find openings in your area. Using the big-name job search engines like Monster, Yahoo, and Indeed, simply type in “curriculum” in to the search field. If you want to narrow your choices, use the key word “curriculum specialist” or try “curriculum technologist”. Many different titles are assigned to those who create and implement curriculum, so be sure to read the job description before you dismiss the opening. It is also a good idea to check the websites of local schools, public and private, for available administrative positions that require a degree in curriculum and instruction. Explore your options by remembering the three main areas of employment that we discussed in this article when browsing sites for jobs!

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