Finding Online MBA Entrance Exam Preparation Courses: Free and Paid Resources

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Introducing the GMAT

Soon after deciding to apply for a MBA program, you realize the importance of getting a high GMAT score. This standardized test is taken by thousands of aspiring MBA students every year and it helps admissions committees to assess whether a student has the necessary academic and business knowledge to succeed in a MBA program. Before looking at the various online MBA entrance exam preparation resources available, it is helpful to review what the GMAT test is all about.

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council has three main sections:

  • Quantitative Section: Over thirty multiple choice questions that test your mathematical knowledge and problem solving ability.
  • Verbal Section: Approximately forty multiple choice questions that asses your command of the English language.
  • Analytical Writing Assessment: This section has two components designed to measure your analysis abilities (Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument).

Anyone who has taken the GRE exam (used for grad school admissions) or the SAT exam will understand the general structure and design of the GMAT. However, to earn a high GMAT score requires preparation, practice and the use of specialized study materials. The online MBA entrance exam preparation resources discussed in this article provide all you need to prepare for and understand the test.

Free MBA Test Preparation Resources

At the time of this writing, the cost to take to the GMAT exam, sometimes known as the MBA entrance exam, is $250 U.S. For applicants on a limited budget, here are some resources you can use to study.

  • Free GMATPrep® Test Preparation Software: This free software program, created by the Graduate Management Admission Council, simulates the test taking process. The program has a large number of free sample questions and automatically scores your performance.
  • Free GMAT Practice Test and Online Demo: Offered by the Princeton Review, this study tool includes a single GMAT practice test. Taking this sample test can give you a sense of how much you need to study.
  • Practice Analytical Writing: The website offers sample writing topics for the GMAT that you can use to become more familiar with this section of the best.

If you can afford to spend some money on studying for the GMAT, you have a variety of options to choose. The focus of this article is on online resources, but you should also be aware that tutors and in person classes are available if that is better suited to your learning style.

  • GMAT Focus™ Online Quantitative Diagnostic Tool: This online toll (price: $29.99 - $69.99) includes actual questions from past GMAT exams. Students can purchase either the single exam version of the tool or the three exam version of the tool. The Diagnostic Tool is produced and sold by the Graduate Management Admission Council.
  • GMAT Advantage − On Demand: Created by Kaplan, this “On Demand” study tool includes a library of over six thousand practice questions, video workshops and other materials. As this is an online course rather than a book, it is quite costly. Kaplan currently offers the product for $449.01.
  • GMAT Online: Offered by the Princeton Review, this online self-study course has seven full length exams and about twenty hours of instructional materials for students. Buyers also receive several books and print materials to aid in the studies. The pricing for this product is similar to the Kaplan product; GMAT Online costs $449.

In addition to these online courses, search Amazon and other book retailers for digital books available for purchase.


To learn more about the online MBA entrance exam preparation discussed in this article, consult the resources mentioned below. Once you have mastered the GMAT, you can get the rest of your MBA application ready and decide which schools offer the best program for your interests and abilities.