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Charter Oak State College in Review

Founded in 1973, Connecticut-based Charter Oak State College may be the best-kept secret in online-learning. This humble state college has been quietly helping adults attain accredited degrees for almost forty years. There are about 2,000 students enrolled in Charter Oak at any given time, and almost half of their graduates go on to pursue graduate degrees.

Its all-virtual format keeps tuition prices down, and many of the instructors are professors who have been contracted from other area universities, keeping the educational quality high and the overhead low. The academic advisors are friendly and attentive, truly focused on their students’ needs. At Charter Oak you are not just another name to be processed, you are a valued student, and it is their mission to help you succeed.

Degree Completion Programs (5 out of 5)

Spend any time at all browsing Charter Oak’s website or chatting with their staff, and one fact will become very clear. They want you to get your degree, and they will do whatever they can to help you attain that goal. They do not limit the amount of credits that can be transferred in from other accredited schools or earned through credit-by-examination, and their excellent credit-for-life-experience program is their claim to fame. They are also keen on granting credit for PONSI and certificate programs other colleges may not acknowledge. Their academic advisors work closely with students to craft a degree completion program tailored to the students’ needs.

Online Classes (3 out of 5)

Charter Oak State College offers a wide variety of online classes or video courses available in five, eight, and fifteen-week formats. This allows students to choose a pace that works for them. Classes can be audited for half-price, and they offer many non-credit and certification classes as well. Textbooks and other necessary supplies can be purchased directly through Charter Oak’s virtual bookstore. The whole process is simple and effective.

Affordability (4 out of 5)

Charter Oak State College courses cost well under three hundred dollars per credit, and most Charter Oak students earn a good portion of their degree requirements through significantly less expensive credit-by-examination or credit-for-life-experience programs. FAFSA and other forms of financial aid are available, and Charter Oak offers interest-free payment plans to make their degree programs affordable. Overall, a Charter Oak education will cost far less than earning a degree from most other colleges.