Distance Learning Aircraft Maintenance Management Degrees: Four Programs You Need to See

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An aircraft mechanic must perform FAA-mandated inspections in addition to performing scheduled preventative maintenance on a variety of aircraft. Obtaining a degree in the Aircraft Maintenance Management field, helps students prepare for careers in the corporate, private, and military sectors of the aviation industry. This article will provide information on distance learning aircraft maintenance management degrees, the courses offered within, tuition costs, and job options upon graduation.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Distance Learning Degree

Embry-Riddle offers a Bachelor’s program in Aviation Maintenance Management. This program includes audio courses, correspondence courses, Internet/Online, Video/CD courses, Credit for Life Experience, and Independent Projects.

Once students earn their associates degree, they can pursue entry-level jobs while continuing their studies to earn their bachelor’s degree. Students will gain a solid knowledge of economics, aeronautical science, business statistics and accounting, business marketing and management, and international business.

With all of this specialized training, students can gain entry into a variety of industries. These industries include the US Armed Services, Aerospace Systems Development, Gas Turbine Industry, Surveillance Technology, Electromagnetic Technology, Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturing, and Air Transportation Maintenance.

They can also start their own businesses that serve their local area, nationally, or internationally. Alternately, they can enter fields such as customer service, development engineering, hydraulic components, manufacturing engineering, electrical power generation, system designing, and technical writing.

Students are not required to attend a campus, but they are required to have a High School Diploma or a GED. The tuition is approximately $18,174 per semester.

Vaughn College Aviation Maintenance Management Bachelor’s Program

Vaughn College’s Aviation Maintenance Management Bachelor’s program is designed to include maintenance, avionics, and operations of aircraft systems, management courses, and general education. The student must complete all courses for certification through the Aviation Training Institute. Alternately, they must possess the Airframe and Powerplant certificate.

Upon graduating, students can gain entry-level to mid-level management positions in small or large corporations in a variety of airport settings. These airport settings can be in the commercial industries or in the armed forces.

Tuition is approximately $8,550 per semester and costs $900 in registration and program fees. The part-time student pays $575 per credit.

Breyer State University Masters Degree Program in Aviation Management

Breyer State University offers a Masters Degree program in Aviation Management. Their program is designed to include aviation maintenance management, aviation psychology, human factor, commercial aviation safety, corporate aviation management, and international aviation. The final courses cover research methods and a thesis.

Upon graduating, students can gain positions such as an airport terminal controller, airport safety manager, safety instructor, airline manager, and maintenance manager.

Tuition is $500 per course. A one-time fee of $50 is also required. These costs do not include textbooks. Students may pay for tuition one course at a time.


With a degree in aircraft maintenance management, you can gain entry into a mid-level position in management within months after you graduate or you could even start your own aircraft maintenance business. Why not check out one of these schools and see how they can advance your career today!


Embry Riddle

Vaughn College

Bryer State University