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Online Schooling

Whether you take your classes at a traditional school or an online school, you may have some different early completion online basic college math class options. Even some of the traditional schools offer online classes. The most common classes to find online are the general education classes, such as the basic college math classes. In fact, most math classes can be found online due to the nature of the class, though classes that instruct future teachers in the art of educating students on math may be harder to find.

Part of the convenience of online classes is that you can work at your own pace. Some instructors even encourage you to work ahead, though the final exam may not be available until the end of the course. This really is about keeping the contents of the exam private and has nothing to do with the teacher preference.

Other schools will assess your knowledge for a class and allow you to test out of it. For instance, Western Governors University (WGU), a completely online school, offers such an option. The student enrolled in this university will take a pretest to assess their knowledge. If the test is passed with a high enough score, the mentor will then allow the student to skip right to the final exam. Once the final exam is passed, students will have earned the credit for the course. In fact, students are allowed to take the pretest 3 times to get a high enough score to allow them access to the final. This school even offers mentors to help students to pass the pretest so that they can move on to other courses.

Testing Out of Basic Math

If you or someone you know is just starting college, you might want to learn about the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams. These are exams that make use of knowledge that a student already has. Students can test out of certain classes. These tests replace the college course that the student would otherwise have to take, such as a basic math class. Using the CLEP exam is just one of the early completion online basic college math class options. Keep in mind that the funds to pay for these tests do not come out of tuition, so the student needs to remember to set the funds aside. Not all colleges accept the CLEP exams either, but you can easily find out if yours does by following the instructions on the CLEP site.

Whether you are concerned only with early completion for an online basic college math class option or you want to complete other classes early as well, it’s always a good idea to look at the bigger picture to learn how these options can benefit you in the long run.


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