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Things you should know about Sun Certification Exams


Sun certification programs are recognized all over the world and hold high-value in IT industry. These programs rely on crucial job roles in enterprise architecture and software application development. The certifications ensure focus on technology, understanding of facts and ability to manage critical tasks in organizations. The certifications offered by vendors such as Sun Microsystems are highly in demand and people who have acquired these certifications enjoy constant promotions and appraisals in the respective fields. This is because of the reason that Sun Microsystems, Inc develops innovative technologies such as Solaris Operating Systems, J2EE and Java Platform. Learning these technologies and rising up to the standards of this vendor makes difference in your career and the respective field.

Sun Certifications

Sun Microsystems, Inc has offered various certifications for IT professionals. Few of them are listed below:

1. Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture (SCEA) - One of the most recognized certifications in IT field. This is designed for enterprise architects who are responsible for developing high scale enterprise solutions and applications. The students who are looking to pursue their careers as prospective architects can take up this exam.

2. Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) – This certification is not designed for everyone. There are some pre-requites for the students who wish to peruse their career in IT field. They have to meet the requirements in order to get through the examination. Following are some of the exam details of SCJP certification:

  • Flow control
  • API content
  • Initialization, declaration and scoping
  • Fundamental of Java
  • Concurrency
  • OOP concept
  • Generics or collections

There are two versions for this certification; one is SCJP 5 CX-310-055 and other one is SCJP 6 CX -310-065. The basic difference is between the passing scores in these two certifications.

The minimum score for passing in SCJP 5 CX-310-055 is 59% and 62% in SCJP 6 CX-310-065. You must choose SCJP 6 CX-310-065 as this is the latest version.

3. Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) – This certification provides opportunity to various IT professionals who are interested in getting the knowledge about Solaris operating system administrator. This certification is helpful to system administrators and makes them efficient in managing the crucial tasks on Solaris systems. The technical professionals associated with networked servers and working on Solaris systems can gain maximum benefits. In order to get the certificate, you must have basic knowledge about Solaris Systems.

Benefits of Sun certification exams

  • These are related to Sun Java products and by acquiring the certifications, you feel confident about performing the job well in the organizations.
  • Job Seekers who are looking for jobs in the respective fields are given more preferences than others.
  • The candidates will possess additional knowledge about networking and other technologies. They can upgrade their credentials get regular promotions.
  • It becomes easier for the aspirants to get the job of their dreams and they get paid highly.
  • These certifications hold high values and passing the exam ensures that the candidate has technical skills and expertise.

Clearing Exam

In order to clear the exam, you must have adequate training, tutorials and practice questions and answers. It is highly recommended that you can get on the internet. There are numerous websites offering free tutorials, training materials in the form of audios and videos and practice questions and answers. These sources will be helpful to those candidates who are preparing for Sun certifications.

You can even take training in the authorized training centers. The information about various exams is also available on the internet. You will experience growth in your career.