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VMware Certifications


VMware is the leading provider of virtualization software for desktops and servers. In order to provide the platform to enhance skills and knowledge to various IT professionals; it has come up with the world-class certification programs. This has been introduced to validate the technical skills and expertise required to perform various tasks related to VMware software. VMware certifications are recognized and accepted globally by almost all IT organizations.


Certifications are given preference in today’s competitive world. This is the reason why it has become important to hold certification in the field; you want to pursue your career in. In case, you are looking for advancing your present position in the organization, for new opportunities or starting your career in IT market; you can go for the certifications offered by VMware. These certifications will help you gain in-depth knowledge about installing, managing and deploying VMware on various workstations. You can easily get enrolled under these programs.

Some of the most recognized certifications are mentioned below:

1. VMware Certified Professional (VCP) - In order to gain expertise in Virtual infrastructure and the fundamental components, you can consider going for VMware Certified Professional (VCP). This can be your first step to enter in this field. In this, you will be able to learn how you can successfully manage, deploy and install VMware software.

Related Exam Codes:

VCP-101V, VCP-310, VCP-410.

How to get started

Below mentioned are some of the paths for getting certified and based on your expertise and skills, you can choose appropriate one:

  • You can attend the authorized course based on your skills.
  • Try to get experience in VMware software.
  • Pass an appropriate exam

2. VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) - This is the intermediate level of certification. Once you get through VCP, you are eligible for the certification. This program is suitable for those professionals who want to add more skills and expertise in their career path. They will get exposed to new virtual infrastructure and its applications.

How to get started

  • You will be required to be VCP so that you can get to the higher level
  • You have to pass the appropriate exam

3. VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) – This certification is the highest level of certifications offered by VMware. The certification consists of design architects who are skilled in enterprise deployments and other applications. The certification is designed to demonstrate their skills in VMware.

Related Exam Codes:

VCD310, VCD311.

How to get started

  • In order to get certified, you have to be a certified VCP.
  • You have to pass the exam VCAP-Datacenter administration exam
  • You will be required to get through VCAP- Data center design exam
  • You should submit an application form for VCDX
  • You will be asked to present Design and Implementation Plan


After acquiring the certifications, your resume will stand out and you will experience continuous growth in your career. You will be recognized for your knowledge, expertise and skills by various employers. One of the most important benefits is that you can use VMware certified logo on your business cards and websites. You will even get complementary license of VMware workstations.

Preparing for certifications

It is highly recommended that you must check the website regularly for these certifications. This is because of the reason that after the introduction of updated ones, the old ones stand expired. In order to pass the exam, you must take in-class training and for tutorials, you must check on various websites. One of the best sources is the official website of VMware. It has the exact information about exam date and schedule. You can download the training materials from the websites.