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EMC Certification

Introduction: If your job profile has anything to do with information storage and management using EMC products, an EMC Certification is what you need to get. There is a plethora of certifications which cover EMC hardware and software. Professionals of any type of knowledge - beginner, specialist and expert can take up various EMC certification exams and can get certified from EMC. These certifications have proven to be helpful for every one including professionals, EMC partners and customers.

These certifications help them to resolve various issues pertaining to information storage quite easily. The certification spectrum is fairly wide and helps its customers and partners to increase productivity, fast recovery of data. Besides that, new systems can be installed fairly quickly. This in turn, helps the partners and clients of EMC products to serve their clients better. In this way, such certifications result in win-win scenario for every body.

Audience: Different EMC certifications have been designed keeping different perspectives in mind. Some of these certifications have been designed for following audience:

  1. Partners alone
  2. Partners and customers
  3. Open
  4. ASN Partners only

Further, professionals of each of these categories can choose certifications from any expertise such as associate level, specialist level and expert level. Some of the certifications that can be chosen by these professionals are described below:

1. Open Certifications: These certifications are open for everybody related to information storage industry. Certifications for different levels of expertise in this category along with their required expertise level are as below:

  • Associate level: Information storage and management.
  • Specialist level: (i) Storage networking and (ii) Information availability
  • Expert level: Enterprise storage solutions

2. Partners alone: There are certain certifications which can be taken up only by the professionals at partner side. These include:

a. Associate level: Information storage and management.

b. Specialist level: (i) Backup and Recovery Solutions (ii) Symmetrix solutions etc.

c. Expert level: (i) Symmetrix Solutions and (ii) CLARiiON solutions

3. Customers and Partners: Rest of the certifications can be taken up by professionals of both clients and partner companies. Such certifications include:

  • Associate level: Content Management Foundations
  • Specialist level: Content Managment Server and Web Programming and Content Management Application Architecture

There are no certifications for expert level under this category.

To attain these certifications, professionals need to pass various exams such as:

i. E20-001 for Information Storage and Management.

ii. E20-011 for Storage Technologist.

iii. E20-040 which is specific to EMC products and technologies.

iv. E20-060 for EMC technology foundations.

There are numerous other certification exams as well which can be checked out at EMC website. The details of these certifications are accompanied by mock tests along with various policies pertaining to taking tests. This information can be quite helpful when you are actually taking the certification exam.

Requirements: The employees working in any of the partner companies or clients of EMC can take up these certifications. Besides that, they need to choose certifications on the basis of their expertise. It is a good idea to visit EMC website to check out the requirements of the certification of your choice.

Training: In order to clear the certification exam, you should get the services of a qualified trainer who has relevant experience to do so and has trained a lot of aspirants successfully in the past. Such a trainer would have plenty of reference material, questions and answers, mock tests and other relevant material which can be of great help to you for passing the certification exams.

You can even check out with the training institute for any free reference material which would help you in building an opinion about the trainer.