Online College Offering Bachelor's Degrees in Education

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Okay, so you want to go to college online but not just a class here or there, you want to get an online bachelor’s degree in education. Is that a good option or are you losing something in the translation? The answer is that there are tremendous college and universities offering bachelor degrees online for education are very comparable to the bachelor’s degrees that you receive in a traditional college setting. Not only are the schools comparable but the one to one contacts with your advisor are ongoing and the interaction with classmates in most programs is strong. This is an important factor in the field of education.

I received my online master’s degree from Walden University in education. I was impressed by the quality of all of my instructors and the genuine caring from my advisor and everyone involved with the university. So, what kind of education bachelor degrees are out there and how long do they take to get and what are their costs?

Before I started my degree online I interviewed with eight different online programs. All of them ranged in price from ten to twenty thousand dollars for my degree. This included all materials. I found this to be quite reasonable compared to the costs of traditional education where you have to pay for so many incidental costs from parking to student social fees. And just think of all of the driving time you save. It is important to make certain that all of the programs that you look at are accredited, too.

So what online bachelor degrees in education are out there?

The largest online university is University of Phoenix. Their bachelor programs include a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Western Governor’s University offers a Bachelor of Science in early childhood education which will allow you to teach from birth to third grade. They say that their tuition is half the price of a traditional college and they call this program a very independent type of bachelor’s degree.

Walden University offers an extensive list of online programs, too. They have a Bachelor of Arts in early childhood education at. .

In 1949 Grand Canyon University was founded and created a great foundation for all types of education bachelor degrees. They range from Early Childhood Education to Bachelor of Science degrees in Secondary English and Social Studies.

These are just a few of the fine education, online bachelor degrees that you can achieve with the flexibility and accreditation that you need. If these don’t fit the bill for you, there are websites that help you to pick and choose the perfect program and cost for you. Just go to https://www. and you will be able to peruse other great online bachelor programs that are geared to your needs.