Online Summer Graduate Classes in Education

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Online Graduate Courses in Education

Many teachers have time off from work during the summer months. Taking online summer graduate classes in education helps teachers develop professionally. There are several options for teachers to take courses in the summer toward career development. offers several courses that only cost $129. The courses offered are: The Classroom Teacher and the ELL Student, Teaching Methods, Educational Psychology, Differentiated Instruction, Bullying Prevention, Building Classroom Community Partnerships, Attention Disorders in the Classroom, Assessment and Testing, and What Great Teachers Do Differently. Registration can also be done completely online.

As you can see there are a wide range of possibilities for taking online summer graduate classes in education online. Depending on your needs and your school’s reimbursement policy, you will find courses that best suit you.

Drake University

Drake University offers online graduate courses in various subjects such as classroom management, curriculum and instruction, human relations, mathematics, online instruction, and reading and literacy. Online course participants are required to read selected course materials, view video modules, engage in weekly online discussions with colleagues and instructors, and complete three to four application assignments and one summary project. The courses range in cost from $155-$675 depending on the number of credit hours and method of delivery. Prospective students may apply online.

Walden University

Walden University offers a plethora of online graduate courses in education. Just a few of the over 25 course topics offered at Walden University include technology, inclusion, child development, leadership, and science. It is easy to apply online and it is not necessary to enroll in degree program in order to take the courses. The prices range from $425 to $720 per credit, depending upon the courses chosen. Some courses are instructor-led; others are offered as a student-paced course. Student-paced courses are especially helpful for people who require flexibility in completing assignments.

The Teacher Education Institute

The Teacher Education Institute offers online graduate courses for teachers as well as professional development courses. You can take 1-3 credit courses depending on what you like. They have courses ranging from bullying prevention to effects of poverty on education. The wide range of course topics they have is fantastic. Depending on what state you live in the cost varies greatly. For example, Pennsylvania residents can pay $495 for an online course, while residents of Nevada only pay $165 per course. Courses can be registered for online. Courses that are one credit take 4 weeks, while 3 credit courses take 13 weeks. Each course is setup for a particular time frame, so you will need to see if the course you are interested in fits into your schedule.

Taking online courses over the summer is a way for teachers to enhance their portfolios and develop professionally. Summer courses may lead to future networking opportunities and are always a good way to stay on top of the latest practices in education.