Get Your Degree Online - Study From Home - Overview of the Major e-Learning Sites in India

Get Your Degree Online - Study From Home - Overview of the Major e-Learning Sites in India
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Introduction - The Advantages of e-Learning

E-learning is an effective means of educating oneself in today’s world that is so dependent on the computers, internet and Information Technology. All you need is a computer and internet connection to connect to the outside world that is so full of abundant information of all kinds to begin your learning. E-learning encompasses electronic modes of learning and teaching to enlighten an individual by using information and communication systems as a means to implement the technique. The major advantage of e-learning is that the physical presence of a student is not mandatory and so it is time efficient and cost effective for those who are looking at pursuing education as an additional activity apart from their work or other commitments.

OnlineDegreesHub and Indieduinfo

India being one of the most populated countries across the world looks up to internet as an effective mass communication technique to reach out to people. E-learning in India is gaining popularity slowly over the recent years and will soon establish itself as an effective learning mechanism. There are major e-learning sites in India that provide various courses in education to those who are interested in pursuing online learning. is a comprehensive guide to online education that helps one find the best online course suited to one’s needs and career goals across various locations. is considered as one of major e-learning sites in India that provides a list of different courses available for one to take up as online learning. The site also presents a list of Universities and the courses that are offered as online education. Further information can be obtained form the respective university’s site on internet or by a personal inquiry.

IndiaEdu and Gurukuonline is one of other major e-learning sites in India that not only gives an overview of the scope of e-learning in India but also provides one with various links to information on online education for specific courses such as Associate Degree in Software Engineering along with the name and address of Universities providing the course online. These links can be found on the left hand side of the page under Online Education on the website. is yet another one of major e-learning sites in India that has expertise in all the phases of e-learning from consulting to integration to training and support.

EnhanceLearning and 24x7learning is one of major e-learning sites in India that is based in New Delhi, India and provided customized online learning solutions for a wide audience. They design e-learning solutions that provide delight to customers and include complex e-learning simulations, flash-based CBT modules and simple ILT courses for various verticals of line of business such as Finance, Marketing etc. is another crucial site that has been cited as one of the most important online site with respect to education and its overall development. Apart from these, the major institutes of India such as Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Foreign trade are offering online courses that will not need the pupil to attend regular classes.

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