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Avaya Certifications

Avaya is one of the world’s best in enterprise communications systems. Its telecommunication services are well renowned because of its high level customer service and technical service. Millions of companies around the world trust Avaya for their communication requirements. Avaya’s own technology is always better than its competitors so this gives Avaya’s customers an added edge in its own field.

Due to this immense customer base, Avaya decided to offer certifications so that their customers can be served in variety of ways. Plus it gives an opportunity to IT students to develop their skills for a global telecommunication giant. Avaya certifications are diverse and allow its students to acquire unique knowledge which very few IT professionals have. Anyone having an Avaya certification can be assured of his high value in telecommunication and data networking market. As an Avaya Certified Professional, you will have the knowledge to serve millions of Avaya customers around the world and in this way you will be able to open a business with an already established customer base, this unique benefit is for every Avaya certified professional.

Who would study Avaya Certifications?

  • Telecommunication students who would like to learn about state-of-the-art network telephony and call center technology.
  • Business professionals operating calling centers.
  • Employees of Avaya can also take up these certifications to increase their expertise or to update themselves.
  • Business associates of Avaya.

Some of the Avaya Certifications are:

  1. Avaya Certified Associate (ACA)
  2. Avaya Certified Specialist (ACS)
  3. Avaya Certified Expert (ACE)

Now detailed analysis of these certifications:

Avaya Certified Associate (ACA):

This Avaya certification is an entrance level certification for persons who want a career in integrated voice networking, data networking and applications. Integration into huge business communications setup is difficult and an Avaya Certified Associate can easily adapt to this kind of challenging work. Following is a list of exam codes related to ACA:

132-S-1002.3: Avaya Sales Certification Specialist

132-S-70: Avaya Voice Self-Service Design Elective Exam

132-S-71: Specialist in Avaya Proactive Contact Solutions

132-S-81: Specialist Modular Messaging with Avaya Message Store Implement and Support Elective Exam

132-S-815.1: Specialist Modular Messaging with Avaya Message Store Implement and Support Elective Exam

132-S-90: Avaya IP Telephony Design Elective Exam

Avaya Certified Specialist (ACS):

It is an intermediate level certification. It is recommend for personals with three to five year practical experience in voice, data or convergence solutions or having any related education. ACS is valid for only two years, after its expiration a student needs to re-appear for related examinations so that he can keep himself up to date with today’s technology. ACA is a must prerequisite for this certification.

Following is a list of related exam codes:

132-S-713.4: Avaya Proactive Contact Solutions Implement and Support

132-S-715.2: Specialist – Interaction Center/Operational Analyst Design and Implement Exam

132-S-720.1: Specialist – Call Center Implement and Support Elective Exam

132-S-861.1: Specialist – Modular Messaging with Microsoft Exchange Implement & Support Exam

Avaya Certified Expert (ACE):

It is an advanced level examination for professionals who can handle produce and apply competencies related to multifaceted solutions. An ACE is responsible to propose strategies for integration of new technologies with customer’s business setup to enhance system performance and efficiency. It is the highest level of Avaya certification. ACS is a must prerequisite for this certification.

Following is a list of exam codes related to ACE:

132-S-900.6: Avaya IP Telephony Design Elective Exam

132-S-900.7: Specialist - IP Telephony Design Elective Exam

132-S-911.3: Specialist – IP Telephony Implement Support Elective Exam

3000.2: ACSS Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Communications

Avaya Certification Material:

Avaya certification material is available online and can be obtained easily. Many websites offer certification material but very few can be trusted. So be careful and investigate properly before buying any certification material online. You can also get required material from Avaya’s certified resources.