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MySQL Certification

Most companies around the world use MySQL database for storing critical business data. A MySQL certification can give a big boost to career of any MySQL professional in quick time. Hence, if you are a MySQL professional, you can’t ignore the importance of such a certification and if you haven’t completed it, you need to complete at least one such certification as soon as possible to give a jump start to your career.

Once you will complete this certification, professional recognition will be at your doorsteps. This is because MySQL certified professionals are in great demand in the industry and every one is vying for them for their business. It will open the gates of success for you and you can have a good chance of applying at big companies and getting selected. You can choose a certification as per your level of expertise and can build upon your knowledge later on.

You can choose from dozens of available certifications provided by Sun, the parent company of MySQL. These certifications are available in three different levels of expertise i.e. Associate, Professional and Expert Levels. Some of the certifications are listed here along with course requirements and related exams.

1. Associate Level: MySQL for beginners: This certification can be taken up by entry level MySQL professionals and it includes basics of SQL. The exam which needs to be cleared for earning this certification is CX-310-814 and consists of following topics:

a. Fundamentals related to concepts of clients and servers

b. Various database objects like tables, data types, views etc.

c. Transactions

d. Data manipulation using SQL.

Though there are no prior requirements for appearing for this certification exam, but it is recommended that before appearing for this certification you have prior training about the basics. This will help you in clearing this exam easily. You can either get the training material from Sun website or take help from a professionally qualified trainer who has enough experience in training aspirants who wish to clear this certification.

2. Professional: MySQL for Database Administrators: This certification aims to certify those professionals who have in-depth knowledge of installation of MySQL, backup of critical data and use of stored procedures, views and triggers.

Exam: You will need to clear CX-310-810 and CX-310-811 exams and after clearing them you will get the title of MySQL DBA. This is a reputed title in the software field and after getting it you will be looked at with lot of respect by every one. (Other exam codes related to this qualification are 005-002 and 006-002)

Requirements: You should have complete knowledge about following topics in order to clear the certification exam:

  1. Installation of server
  2. Day to day operation of the server and its maintenance
  3. Troubleshooting of the server
  4. Providing access of the server to other users.
  5. Ensure security of the server.

Training: Its training can be had at any authorized Sun training center around the world. Before going for any such trainer you need to ensure that it has enough experience in helping other candidates in clearing this prestigious certification.

3. Expert: After clearing the above certifications you can go for expert level certifications such as MySQL Cluster for High Availability and to earn it you will need to clear the CX-310-815 exam. To appear for this exam you need to be a Sun Certified MySQL Database Administrator.

It will test your knowledge about setting up of clusters and their usage, installation of different nodes and their maintenance. You will also be tested for your knowledge of software upgrades and providing enough security and high performance to the system.