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Citrix Certifications

Introduction to Citrix System

There is a high demand for individuals who have explicit computing skills in all most all type of industries. When it comes to IT industry, it is much more demanding. Are these computer technical persons up to date with the revolutionary improvement happening day by day in the IT Industry? To make them more efficient and be updated with current developments Citrix certification courses are ideal.

The Citrix Company focuses on virtual computing system. Working virtual will keep you away from all networks, office, datacenters and devices. Over 230,000 companies globally rely on Citrix to establish themselves in a simple way at the same time be cost effective. The Citrix Company was found in 1989 and showed annual revenue of $1.2 billion in the year 2008.

Virtualization in Citrix is something beyond merging servers. It also concentrates on cloud computing, virtualization of application and desktop and network optimization. Citrix offers certifications in certain fields of their specialization.

Citrix exams prepare IT professionals to prove their field of expertise with Citrix Certifications. Citrix certifications provide knowledge about Citrix technology and the skill to apply Citrix solutions to real world troubles. Citrix offers various certification courses according to an individual’s field of specialization.

List of Citrix Certifications

A list of certification courses offered by Citrix System is mentioned below. An individual can choose his/her own field of expertise, get trained and pass examinations. Each Certification course has different number of examinations. The necessary training may be obtained from a reputed institution that offers Citrix certification courses in a professional manner.

  1. CCA or Citrix Certified Administrator

  2. CCA 3.0 or Citrix Certified Administrator 3.0

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  1. CCA 9 or Citrix Certified Administrator 9
  1. CCEA or Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator

  2. CCEE for Virtualization or Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator Virtualization

  3. CCIA or Citrix Certified Integration Architect

  4. CCIA 4 or Citrix Certified Integration Architect 4

  5. CCIA for Virtualization or Citrix Certified Integration Architect Virtualization

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Tips to pass Exams in Citrix certification

The number of questions and the passing score for Citrix certification varies from exam to exam. Native English speakers are offered a specific time to complete the examinations whereas Non-native English speakers are offered a little more time for completing the same. First try to categorize the exams and the percentage of score for each exam.

Try attending as many tests as possible. This will make you be thorough with the subject. Try to locate online test, which are competitive and be away from certain tests that will diminish your skill and time. You will have to go through the administrators guide and you will study and lean more here. You will have to analyze which section of your subject has more importance and try to concentrate a major portion of your time on it.

In case you are not able to attend a traditional training course for certification try to locate a 100% guarantee online training for exams. You can avail the money back if you fail but anyway you are going for it only for good results.

You can read the Citrix Preparation Guide by SelfTestEngine Inc. for the certification exam. The Preparation Guide has everything you need to know about the exam, including the study materials to study for the exams. This preparation guide has questions, objectives used in the exams, the major domains that are used frequently in the exams, a list of preparatory courses that you can take in order to pass the exams, sources of exam contents and the required experience to complete the exams.