Oracle Certifications & Their Benefits

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Important Oracle Certifications

As in any other industry, in order to be the best and maintain its top position, it has to keep up with the best companies, or the competition eliminates it. In today’s businesses, there is no place for slow development, as only the fast progress and unique services help any company to keep its position.

To underline this idea, we can look at Oracle Corporation that worked hard to reach up to today’s standards and now, anyone wishes, can be a part of its program, by being certified in one of its fields. If Oracle attracts you from any reasons, and there are multiple of them, then you can look into how you can become a member of its professional team, and be active in the Oracle database program next to other certified professionals. Obtaining such a certification means that you are recognized in the IT industry as being one of the top professionals and, that, you have a proven high level of knowledge and the ability to complete any IT requests.

Oracle fields you can be certified in are:

  • Oracle System Administrator
  • Oracle Database Administrator 11g (Oracle forms, Oracle WebLogic Server, SOA)
  • Oracle Application Developer (Oracle PL/SQL, Developer OCA, Advanced Developer OCP)
  • Oracle Database Implementer (Oracle Service Oriented Architecture, Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle Golden Gate, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Foundation Pack)
  • Oracle Exadata Implementer (Oracle WebCenter, Oracle ECM Suite)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Implementer
  • Oracle Web Administrator
  • Oracle Essabase Implementer
  • Hyperion Essabase Consultant
  • Hyperion Planning 4.1 Consultant
  • Oracle E-Business Suite – (Financial Consultants, Supply Chain Consultant and Implementer, Planning Consultant, Financial Management Implementer)
  • Oracle Applications Database Administrators and Consultants

In fact Oracle has an exhaustive list of certifications check out the complete list of oracle certifications.

Why Oracle is the Best in Business?

  • Oracle, as any other similar companies, offers support for its students and helps anyone to find the easiest ways to become certified. Of course, accordingly to the chosen certification field, you have to pay a training fee, which usually covers the examination process too.
  • They guarantee a refund of your money, in case that you are not able to pass your exam from the first attempt.
  • As a world leader, Oracle is one of the best providers of many solutions for worldwide organizations. In addition, it supplies a vast range of certification platforms, starting with entry-level students and ending with high experienced professionals.
  • Oracle offers consultancy to become certified in different IT fields, and the training process together with the exam results, certify that any technician has the knowledge and skills to implement the solutions by using Oracle Services.

Other Striking Features:

  • Oracle gives you the possibility to try out all of its practice tests before purchasing them, through demo options.
  • It also supplies information on every single IT field, so you can be very precise in your choice, knowing what the certification requests and what are you able to obtain, once you finish the courses and pass the final test. This is a good aspect, as it can help you to study for the appropriate field, without wasting your precious time in interacting with similar subjects. By keeping everything clear, helps you to better organize and learn for the certification exam.
  • It also offers, for any student, online support that is available even prior subscribing for their services, through Cert Advisor. This service helps you to choose the best filed for you, whether you are a beginner or a professional. The advices depend on your actual level and the personal talents, and as well, on your personal preferences.
  • Oracle offers online lessons, virtual tests, e-books, and tips on how to resolve different IT issues, and anything else you might need, in order to successfully complete trainings and pass their certification exams.