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Important CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA is short for Computing Technology Industry Association that was started in 1982 as a non-profitable organization. Originally CompTIA was given the name Association of Better Computer Dealers (ABCD) but it was changed due to the change of direction in the computer industry. The change was associated with the widening of prospective into networking, mobile, imaging and multimedia fields.

Information technology is a tough market because of its fast growing ground that consist of a wide sea of information and CompTIA also plays an important part in training qualified employees for many employers. With offered CompTIA certifications, many employers would feel at ease to know that their employees have the right skills for hiring and also it is an indication that the employee has the initiative to learn more about their career. CompTIA is a trustable source because they make reliable prediction on the success an employee where the exam is based on an international perspective. Every certification has a wide base of knowledge gained from all the experts within the industry in both the government and private departments.

The various types of certification offered by the CompTIA are “A+”, “CompTIA Network+”, “CompTIA Security+”, “CompTIA Server+”, “CompTIA Linux+”,” CompTIA PDI+”, “Comp TIA Project +” and many others. Check out the complete list of comptia certification. Initially, these certificates are a lifetime certificates but at the end of 2010, the policy is changed where the certificates have to be renewed once every three years.

Following is an introduction to most the important and highly valued of the CompTIA certifications. Each section is preceded by an information link, where you can find all the related exams to that particular certification.

CompTIA A+ Certification, a candidate would have to pass two exams and one of it is the CompTIA A+ Essentials. This paper is about being a competent entry-level professional in IT with a minimum amount of 500 hours experience be it lab or field.

CompTIA Network+ Certification, a candidate is advised to obtain their A+ certification first and then have nine months of experience in the workforce before actually planning to sit for this exam. This certificate is for candidates who are interested in pursuing the Microsoft certification and Cisco certification.

CompTIA Security+ Certification, it is advised that a candidate have at least two years of workforce experience in the security field although it is not necessary. This certificate allows one to deal with computer security problems and candidates taking this exam are required to pass the 100 multiple choice question exam.

CompTIA Server+ Certification, it is emphasized on the server hardware and operating systems. There are eight parts to the exam that the candidates need to know. For the CTT+, there would a two part exam a candidate has to face; a PC based exam and a video based exam and is notoriously known for being very challenging.

CompTIA Linux+ Certification, it is a multiple choice question that is PC based where the passing score is 675/900 and has 98 questions in total. For the Project+ certification, the candidate will have to pass a score of 499/900 and has 80 questions in total. For the RFID+ certification, a candidate will have to pass a score of 630/900 and has a total of 81 questions. This three exams are all 90 minutes.

CompTIA Convergence+ Certification, it is advised that candidates should at least have a Network+ certificate and have at least 18 to 24 months of working experience in the related field. For the PDI+ certification, candidates are advised to have a foundation on print work and imaging document devices.