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What is a Sports Nutrition Degree?

People who participate in sports have specific nutritional concerns. A professional who has earned an online sports nutrition degree, will be aware of specific foods that will help the athlete perform to the best of their ability. This information includes foods, vitamins, minerals and possible supplements that the athlete should use to maintain optimal health. Having a degree in the field ensures that the health professional has sufficient knowledge and accreditation to assist the sporting professional in their nutritional needs.

What can be Done With a Sports Nutrition Degree?

A sports nutrition degree prepares the student for work in gyms, both public and private, corporate centers and sports teams of varying degrees of professionalism. Since most degrees in sports nutrition are a branch of dietetics people with a degree in sports medicine is also qualified to work with pharmacies and doctor’s offices as nutritionists.

Often a degree in sports nutrition can be combined with other healthcare qualifications and can be very helpful in team coaches in a high school and college level. Many nurses also specialize in sports medicine and find a degree in Sports Nutrition useful.

The Benefits of Online Learning

Working adults often turn to online learning so that they can more easily balance work home and education. Studying online allows the student to have a more flexible school schedule than might normally be able to be accommodated through most traditional employments. Online learning also allows the flexibility that parents may need in order to pursue higher education. Online courses are often smaller and students get more student, teacher time despite popular belief. Professors are better able to answer questions and concerns when they are written in email or chat format.

Where can I get an Online Sports Nutrition Degree?

Ashford University offers a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare studies, specializing in Exercise science. This 4 year program is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS).

Mansfield University offers a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition with a specialty in Sport Nutrition. Mansfield University indicates the program is best for students looking to pursue “graduate studies in related fields or who wish to prepare for careers in corporate wellness centers, fitness centers, and university and commercial athletic teams.”

Risks of Getting a Sports Nutrition Degree Online

There are places to get an online sports nutrition degree that are not accredited schools. Accreditation makes a school more reliable and ensures that the degree the student earns is valid for use. Without accreditation potential employers may be skeptical about the credentials the degree demonstrates. In some extreme cases the lack of accreditation may indicate that the school does not teach the information and simply is paid for a certification program and the student receives a diploma. It’s always wise to be wary of schools that are not able to provide credentials or accreditation.


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