What do Distance Learning Schools for Natural Medicine Have to Offer?

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What is Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine is the study of non drug related healing practices. These practices can include herbalism, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine (or TCM) and spiritual healing. Natural medicine is often used along with traditional medicine in order to maximize results. Many people studying natural medicine have a base in traditional medicine and are looking to offer more options to their patients.

What can you expect to learn?

Different programs have different specializations. There are over 500 different recognized forms of natural medicine. Generally students will focus on 3-4 specializations or a more broad specialization such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture, acupressure and some massage therapy. Students will learn about the science and theory behind the natural medicine as well as practice. The student often undergoes the natural therapy unless it is unhealthy to do so, to allow them to better understand the whole body wellness the natural medicine provides.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Distance learning provides its own advantages and disadvantages. Distance learning schools for natural medicine provide the flexibility of online courses and studying topics that may not be available locally. That said, there are always disadvantages to distance learning as well. If the potential student is considering distance learning for natural medicine, they will want to fully research the school for accreditation and quality of programs. It’s not unheard of to ask for the qualifications of the instructors if the student is not readily aware of them. This research will give the student more insight into the qualifications of the instructor to teach them.

Schools that offer Distance Learning for Natural Medicine

Clayton College of Natural Health offers both certificate and Bachelor degree programs online. They are fully accredited and also offer continuing education credits to keep up to date on information. Many states that certify professionals of natural medicine require a certain number of continuing education credits per year to maintain certification. With traditional financing options including student loans and payment plans, Clayton College of Natural health is one of the premier distance learning schools for natural medicine. They focus on herbalism, holistic nutrition and a more basic understanding of Natural Health Studies.

The University of Natural Medicine has online courses ranging from a Bachelor’s of Natural Health Sciences to a certificate in Polarity Management to a Doctorate of Naturopathy. The University of Natural Medicine is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico and offers both traditional and online programs. They are affiliated with programs around the world through other schools and offer reasonable rates for diploma’s and degrees alike. The University of Natural Medicine is accredited and licensed by the state of New Mexico. As one of the few locations to offer Biological Dentistry, it easily has one of the most varied course topics available.


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