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Political Science History

Are you fascinated by politics, public matters, and the events that shape public policies? Do you want to have a career that makes a crucial difference in the whirl and spin of governmental issues? Well, if so, you might want to consider getting an online master’s degree in political science history. A master’s degree online political science history program prepares students for a variety of careers in the public service field.

An Online Master’s Degree

A master’s degree online political science history course is convenient for people interested in carving a career niche in political science but, for various personal and/or professional reasons, are unable to attend full-time school. The great thing about online courses is that you can take them from any location and study at your own time and pace. In addition, you get the opportunity to spruce up your technological and communication skills, both definite pluses for a political science career.

The course will help you gain a clearer perspective on current and past political policies, issues, and events. You will review various government policies, explore a variety of political ideologies, study different laws and legislations, and research how these affect society. You will also learn how to debate political issues, interview key political figures, and carry out effective oral and written communication.

Some of the topics you can expect to study are:

  • History of Government
  • International Relations
  • Administrative Theory
  • Public Policy
  • Social Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • Economics
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Labor Management Relations
  • Regulatory Policy
  • Nonprofit Law
  • Business Law
  • Language and Communications

Some Tips for Getting an Online Master’s Degree in Political Science

Research various institutes offering masters degree online political science history courses and check whether they are accredited by a regional or national accrediting body. Accreditation is very important if your degree is to have any value. Find out about admission criteria, tuition fees, and financial aid. Find out about the courses offered and the method of instruction. What kind of computer software and hardware will you need? What sort of online study materials will you be provided? Will there be real-time lectures and interactions? Who are the instructors and what qualifications do they have? What kind of projects will you need to do? Talk to past students and inquire about their learning experience and how it help their career prospects.

Here’s a school offering an online master’s degree in political science:

The George Washington University

Master of Professional Studies in Political Management

This is a twelve course program, requiring thirty-six credit hours for graduation. You can choose to concentrate on Advocacy Politics, Electoral Politics and Advanced Political Skills, or tailor a number of different topics to your requirements.

Admission dates for this course are 15 June for the Fall session, 15 November for the Spring session, and 15 April for the Summer session.

To be eligible, students must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. They must provide GRE scores, three recommendations, attested educational credentials, a statement of purpose essay, professional credentials, and a resume. International students must provide TOEFL scores, a financial certificate, and a passport photocopy. You can apply online and pay a non-refundable application fee of $60. Tuition fee for the program is $1,170.

Career Prospects

On completing a masters degree online political science history program, you can have plenty of career opportunities in a variety of fields:

  • You can work in the government as a politician, legislator, ambassador, or diplomat. You can be a lobbyist, an electoral official, a political campaign worker, or a survey worker.
  • You can work as a political researcher, analyst, consultant, historian. or sociologist.
  • You can work as a lawyer, a judge. or an educationist.
  • You can work as a political journalist, writer, editor, commentator. or talk show host.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, employment prospects for political scientists are favorable, albeit slow, through 2014. Earning potential depends on the work area, experience, skill level and location. In 2006, political scientists had a median annual earning of $90,140. Thus, attending a master’s degree online political science history program is a great option for students interested in the field.


The George Washington University: