Online Sociology Doctoral Programs

Online Sociology Doctoral Programs
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Online sociology doctoral programs allow students to become a doctor of sociology. Sociology is best defined as the classification and study of human societies. Those pursuing a doctorate degree in sociology will choose a concentration such as crime and corrections, economic development, media and pop culture, gender and feminist perspective, ethnicity and race, and political development. When pursuing a doctorate degree in sociology online, students will be able to complete most coursework via the internet, but some work may require them to attend seminars and conduct real-world research.

Required Courses

Certain courses will be required to complete this degree while others will depend on the concentration the student chooses. The courses that all students will take regardless of concentration often include marginalization/resistance/subculture, American immigration, sociological inquiry methods, classical sociological theory, American Indians in contemporary society, social movements, ethnography research, and contemporary social theory.

Average Completion Time

It will take full-time students approximately two years to complete online sociology doctoral programs. They will need to complete all required coursework, three research courses, five short theses, and a single detailed thesis.

Top Online Schools

Very few colleges and universities offer an online doctoral degree in sociology. Must University does, however, offer this degree online. It is accredited by the International Accreditation Organization. The total cost of this degree is $14,400.00. Students can choose to self-pay about $1,049.95 per month, or they can elect to apply for and use financial aid if they qualify. Students must also purchase books and other required course materials.

Types of Possible Careers

Online sociology doctoral programs

Online sociology doctoral programs allow students to choose a variety of careers. Some of these include journalism and government jobs. Those who choose journalism can perform jobs such as consulting research firms, personnel management, and environmental periodicals. Those who choose government can perform jobs such as public administration, social work, health, and law enforcement.

Career Outlook and Salary Information

The most employment opportunities for those with a doctoral in sociology lie in teaching and research. However, there are hundreds of different employment opportunities and career paths students can take once they obtain this degree. By the year 2016, careers for those in the sociology field are expected to increase by ten percent. The average median salary for sociologists with this degree of education is approximately $60,290.00 per year.

Why is it Better to Obtain this Degree Online?

Obtaining this degree online allows students more free time to do other things, such as maintain their current career, family, social life, and other obligations. If they were pursuing this degree on a traditional college or university campus, they would spend at least 20 to 30 hours a week away from work, home, and other obligations. They can complete their assignments on their own schedule as long as they make all required deadlines.

Online sociology doctoral programs are hard to come by especially those that are legitimate and accredited. However, this article will point you in the right direction. When deciding whether to obtain your doctoral degree online, you must assess the time and dedication it will require as well as prepare yourself for exactly what to expect.


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