Four Year Colleges Offering Online Math Courses: Which Program Is Right for You?

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Why Take an Online Math Course?

There are several reasons that students may want to take an online math course. They may desire a more convenient option for earning their degree, or they just need to refresh some of their math skills for an upcoming exam. Many working adults may want to take a few online math courses to increase their eligibility for a new job. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of highly-regarded four-year colleges offering online math classes in a variety of topics.

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois is just one of many four year colleges offering online math courses. Both the Urbana-Champaign and Springfield campuses offer distance learning courses in mathematics. Students can take the courses as part of an undergraduate and graduate degree program or for continuing education purposes. Their website offers a simple search system for what courses are available. Among the courses offered are Applied Statistics, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, and Math Methods in Engineering.

Colorado University

Colorado offers a few options for those interested in taking online math courses through their department of continuing education. The certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis is offered online. Students in the certificate program should have completed, at a minimum, a college-level course in algebra. The certificate involves taking four courses for a total of fourteen credits. Students can also earn a Master of Science in Statistics online through Colorado University, which takes about five years to complete. If students previously completed the Applied Statistics and Data Analysis certificate at this school, those credits apply toward the master’s degree.

Stanford University

Out of all the four year colleges offering online math courses, Stanford University is one of the only ones with online math courses specifically geared towards K-12 teachers. Their Education Program for Teachers of Mathematics offers courses in a variety of areas including algebra and calculus. Teachers are encouraged to take these classes to learn more about a certain subject area in order to better teach their students. Standford also has another program designed for gifted youth who wish to take advanced math classes in areas like differential equations and number theory. Both the teacher and the gifted youth classes are only offered online.


Professionals in a number of areas including business, computer science, finance ,and engineering can increase their earning potential by earning a degree or certificate through four year colleges offering online math courses. It can even bring new job opportunities and increased responsibilities. For students fresh out of high school, online math courses can help them get a jump start on their college education without leaving home. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of options available if you want to earn your math credits from a reputable university.