Online Distance Learning for Martial Arts Training Certificate

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Familiarity with the Material

All teachers should be familiar with their topic. As such, the person pursuing an online martial art teaching certificate should already be proficient in the martial art they are looking to teach. There are distance learning courses available for many types of martial arts; however, being certified to teach your style is not the same as simply knowing how to perform the movements and has little bearing on your belt color. That being said, there are organizations who will provide a teaching certificate through online coursework. Many schools provide coursework in marketing, legal issues, and specific information on teaching different age groups.

The would be teacher may find themselves pursuing an online martial art teaching certificate because they are looking to take current skills to a new level. Teaching is generally considered a very rewarding career choice and adding to it the love martial arts training can be a perfect way combine passion with career options.

Distance Learning Offers Some Difficulty

Obtaining an online martial art teaching certificate is often necessary for the would be teacher. It is difficult to find employment in the field without the certificate, and the need for education to be more flexible drives distance learning to new levels as it accommodate both the teacher and student. There is a risk however. As online learning has been becoming more mainstream in all areas, there are people willing to take advantage of the potential student. This is especially true in circumstances where a traditional curriculum is more hands on and a syllabus is not required. Generally speaking local martial arts training schools are a better option to obtain an instructor’s certificate, but, in smaller communities, they may simply not be available.

What to Expect

The martial arts instructor can expect to earn between $10,000 and $37,000 a year with less than four years of experience. Once the instructor gets between ten and twenty years of experience, they can expect that to increase between $21,500 and $61,00 per year and may involve marketing their own school. Hours will be based on the needs of the school or community. Classes are typically early morning, afternoon, or evening to accommodate a variety of clients.

American Martial Arts Certified Professionals

The American Martial Arts Certified Professionals is one school, native to the Phoenix area, that offers distance learning coursework to become a certified instructor. Through this course, the student learns not only about the movements necessary to teach the students but also the philosophy behind the art and the history of martial arts. They also include classes that will assist the new instructor in opening their own studio such as insurance law and how to find and keep new students. Each student follows the curriculum and takes tests via secured website, email, or regular mail. The requirements for the course indicate that you are no less than one belt color below black. Since this course does not teach martial arts, it is easy to complete online if you already have the necessary knowledge that the would be teacher wishes to teach. Therefore, earning an online distance learning for martial arts training certificate is available and can give the would be teacher an advantage in the market.


Salary information is provided by Pay ranges may vary by location and experience levels so research should be done in the area that the would be instructor for more acurate informtaion.

The American Martial Arts Certified Professionals offers more information about it’s program at This describes classes as well as all pre requisites required.