How to Get an Online AAS Degree in Environmental Health and Safety

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What Is an Online AA Science (AAS) Degree in Environmental Health and Safety?

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree is known as an add-on degree which will find the student learning about two different fields of study but with a great measure of relevance to each other especially if both fields are co-related in a workplace. The AA Science Degree in Environmental Health and Safety is one good example of a science oriented course that will prepare student for the growing employment opportunities in the field of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). In addition, a successful certificate holder of an online AAS degree in environmental health and safety will be entitled to several academic and career opportunities.

Academic and Career Benefits of an AA Science Degree in Environmental Health and Safety Certificate Holder

A student who successfully completes this program will be awarded professional recognition as a Charter Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). The latter is connected to different UK and international organizations created for the purpose of regulating the Occupational Health and Safety profession. As a professionally recognized member of the IOSH, holders of AA Science Degree in Environmental Health and Safety also become eligible for further post graduate studies in Ireland and other selected countries.

In addition, individuals who have at least seven years of work experience in EHS and completed an AA Science Degree in Environmental Health and Safety will be given recognition by the Institute for Safety and Management as Associate Safety Health Manager (ASHM) Designate for their experience and knowledge. As ASHM designates, they will be given certifications that will attest to their readiness for entry level positions in health and safety management. However, this designation expires after six years and any renewals thereafter will require them to pass the Certified Safety and Heath Manager Certification for a continuance of their ASHM designation.

Basic Requirements to Qualify for AA Science Degree in Environmental Health and Safety

The applicant should already have higher certificate in science, technology and engineering, or a Level 6 qualification. Level 6 qualifying students are those who graduated from their bachelor’s degree with honors or with graduate certificates and graduate diplomas. However, if you are not a BS degree graduate, five years relevant work experience in EHS can be considered as equivalent qualification.

Student applicants who do not meet the first two requirements above may be considered on a case-to-case basis supported by the merits of their other credentials. Nevertheless, all applicants will have to be interviewed as part of the final selection process in order to qualify.

University Offering Online AA Science Degrees in Environmental Health and Safety

Columbia Southern University: Associate in Applied Science in Occupational Safety and Health (Online)

Columbia Southern University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council.

Students will be required to complete sixty semester hours of general studies, required technical courses, and electives. AAS course fulfillment will provide safety personnel professional stature to qualify him or her for organizational advancements in the field of EHS.

Graduates of AAS Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University are recognized by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.

Career Outlook

Degree holders of an AAS Occupational Safety and Health degree are assured of excellent career opportunities as Occupational Safety and Health Specialists. Forty-one percent (41%) are said to be employed with different government agencies from Federal to State to local government. Career growth is likewise assured due to the continuing demand for healthy and safe work environment.

Those who are able to often land jobs as occupational safety and health specialists, professionals, or inspectors with the Federal Government with full and satisfactory performance will merit promotions to supervisory positions. Others who have broader education and extensive experience are said to have the best opportunities for advancement, often competing for leadership or senior ranks.

The 2008 average annual wage for those occupying positions in Federal Executive Branch was placed at $73.180, $55,600 in State government sectors, and $56,300 for those in local government units. Those who found jobs in hospitals posted an average annual salary of $63,910 while those who were engaged as consultants posted $57,600.

As a note, the Bureau of Labor Statistics further disclosed that employment prospects in the private sectors for Occupational Safety and Health Specialists were affected by volatile economic conditions. Therefore, earning an online AAS Degree in Environmental Health and Safety is an excellent choice for those interested in the field.