How to Get a Prekindergarten Associate Degree Online

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Early Childhood Development

Early childhood development is being emphasized in education nowadays. Therefore, it is imperative for early education teachers to learn how the brains of young children develop as well as other areas of early child development. This area of study focuses on the early care and education of children from one to four years of age. Studying early childhood development involves the understanding of any instructional skills and techniques for encouraging the growth and development of young children. Earning a prekindergarten associate degree online is one way to get into the field of early childhood development.

Prekindergarten Associate Degree

Qualified prekindergarten professionals are in high demand as a variety of different childhood programs have been initiated. A prekindergarten associate degree is best for those who love working with young children. Thus, if you plan to get into this career, earning this degree is the best option for you as it will provide you with a good academic education along with field experience. For example, these degree programs would future teachers to work with children and their parents in various scenarios.

The skills required for prekindergarten teachers include a good understanding of the stages of child development at different ages. Early education eachers must be able to manage classrooms while also teaching. Children can be difficult to manage, and, thus, immense patience is required in the prekindergarten classroom.

A prekindergarten associate degree is also a great choice for substitute teachers and childcare workers who would like additional information for the advancement of their training and skills. Prekindergarten associate degree holders can often find work in preschools, head start programs, public childcare schools, private childcare schools, and private in home childcare programs.

The requirements for becoming a prekindergarten teacher are different in each state. To teach in most public schools, states require a teacher’s license. To qualify for a license, potential teachers need at least an associate degree. In the case of private schools, some do not require a license. Another common and popular credential is the Child Development Associate credential, which is commonly referred to as the CDA credential. The CDA puts students through both theoretical childhood education modules and physical work experience.

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Online Prekindergarten Degree Programs

Just as with other degree programs, prekindergarten degrees have gone online, too. Nowadays, prekindergarten associate degrees can be pursued in the convenience of your own home and on your own time. These online programs can range in duration from one to two years for completion. This online degree focuses on areas of study like the integration of teaching skills and the principles of educational practice. These branches include topics like health and nutrition, child development, preschool guidance, classroom management, music, creative experience, child literature, pre-math, science, infant education, first aid, communication disorders, family living, special needs care, childhood education, and educational development.

After the completion of this degree, students can opt for a four-year degree program that gives insight into more advanced and specialized studies. For those who are looking for an online prekindergarten associate degree, consider the following online schools for Pre K teacher: Western Governors University, Northern Maine Community College, Kaplan University, Jones International University Online, Penn Foster College, the University of Phoenix, Capella University, and Rasmussen College. Some of the noteworthy courses within these programs are discussed below.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

CUP offers a program called the associate of science in early childhood education. This program has been designed for professionals who are looking into getting an entry-level position in the early childcare and education field. This sixty credit program also allows its students to work full time and prepares students to work in childcare centers, head start centers, child development programs, public educations classrooms, and early intervention programs.

Chaminade University of Honolulu

The associate in science in early childhood education from Chaminade University is designed for students who would like to receive field experience along with a classroom education. This degree requires students to complete at least sixty credit hours with a minimum 2.0 GPA. It also requires students to complete general education and general psychology modules.

Lake Region State College

The associate in applied science in early childhood education is a two-year program at this college. This program trains students to work in nursery schools, head start programs, and public school classrooms. Apart from the course modules, certain general education modules also need to be completed. The college also helps students get an internship during the course of the program.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

The associate of applied science in early childhood education is a module that has been designed to give students an understanding of child development, safety, nutrition, and curricular development. This university is a regionally accredited university for excellence by the Higher Learning Commission in the NCA. This program consists of seven modules in early childhood that take five weeks each to complete. The degree is awarded once sixty credit hours are completed.

Goodwin College

The associate of science in early childhood education is a flexible program that is great for those who would like to work with children. The courses emphasize hands-on training from time to time. Various career advisors have been networked into the program to offer their experience along with lecturers.

Pre K Teacher Salary and Job Outlook

According to, prekindergarten associate degree holders can expect a median salary of around $28,000 per year as prekindergarten teachers. This salary, of course, is affected by the location and experience of the teacher. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job oppurtunities in this field are excellent. Unfortunately, the low pay and salaries have led many prekindergarten teachers to look for other career options.

Early child development is gaining in importance in current education. Earning a prekindergarten associate degree online is a great way to get into the field of early childhood education.