Free Online Bible Courses and Studies

Free Online Bible Courses and Studies
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There are many ways to learn about the Bible: at school, in a church, or online. Since the Bible might prove a difficult text to read and comprehend (for many readers), an online Bible studies course (or a downloadable guide) could help some familiarize themselves with the Bible and/or the teachings of Christ.

Free online courses and studies exist to help spread the Word of God. Such courses and studies contain information that can be read online, downloaded, printed, sent to a user’s e-mail, or sent via post without a charge or fee to those wanting religious material. Many sites offer video courses, e-mail or correspondence lessons, quizzes and a variety of fun activities for adults and children.

Bible Courses on the Web

Those looking for Bible resources or who may want to browse the Bible should give the website a try. “[It’s] the largest free online Bible website for verse search and in-depth studies.”

Please note: there are many websites that offer free Bible courses (as well as readings). But, be careful of scams! Here are a few webpages to get your started:

  • Offered by the Jordan Park Church of Christ in Alabam, this course can be done online or as a correspondence course. This is a free course complete with review questions after each lesson.

  • The site offers several Bible lessons in HTML or PDF format. Lessons can also be delivered via e-mail. At the end of each lesson you complete a quiz which is graded automatically from the system so students can have immediate feedback.

  • A collection of lessons, e-books and free audio books.

  • This site offers a variety of e-books, video books, Bible-related activities for adults and children including games and crosswords.

  • Contains several 30-minute video Bible lessons.

In the spotlight!

  • The NET Bible™ Learning Environment ( This site offers online Bible study and research tools. It gives learners the chance to study the Word of God through means of free online resources including commentaries and articles.

  • The “Everything Bible Study Book” (see image) is not free, however, it is an inexpensive book (with CD) that contains Biblical studies.

Alternative options:

  • Downloadable “Free” Software: e-Sword ( This is another good way to study the Bible.

  • Downloadable “Free” Brochures and E-books: Our Daily Bread ( Available here are free study materials for personal growth and to bring people closer to Christ.

  • Online Bible Courses (not free): Of course, if you’re not satisfied with the free online courses, there are always paid versions such as the courses found at

  • Online Bible Verses: The University Bible Fellowship ( offers their Daily Bread, a collection of Bible verses and inspiration.

Want more courses? At (A Service of RBC Ministries), for example, they offer the following: Non-Certificate Program Courses (Free).

Image credit: Everything Bible Study Book