Guide to a Facility Management Certification Online

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Overview of Facility Management & Its Importance

Facility management isn’t as easy as it sounds, because it involves a combination of principles of business administration, behavioral and engineering sciences, as well as architecture. Undergoing a facility management certification online can help you boost up your skills in the field and help you perform considerably better.

The online facility management certification programs are basically aimed at building better understanding of this diverse field, with the main focus being improvisation in design/management of facilities. Such certifications cover everything right from concept to installation of facilities and their efficient uses in the long-term perspective.

What’s Covered in an Online Facility Management Certification Program

By analyzing the curriculum of the courses offered by 20 different organizations, it was discovered that most of the online facility management certification programs cover overview of building facilities and planning activities, along with key concepts of facility management for various levels of businesses (start-up, midsize to large size etc). Such programs also cover the design process, contract development, effects on businesses, operational issues – such as benchmarking, energy efficiency, recycling and sustainability – and disaster planning. Along with effective project management and communication, some of the online certifications also cover the basics of computer aided facility management (CAFM), relocation planning as well as oversight.

Who Should Undergo a Facility Management Certification Online?

In most cases, professionals who’re currently involved in maintenance operations, design/management of facilities, construction, building operations, or occupational safety usually prefer to undergo facility management certification online to boost up their profile. However, facilities professionals who’re keen to build up of their knowledge in specific areas for examinations – such as IFMA Certified Facility Manager (CFM) – should seek facility management certification online.

Individuals, who wish to enter the facility management field by leveraging experience and knowledge gained from other areas, can also undergo such certifications to change their career paths. Furthermore, individuals who already possess the CFM credentials and are eager to earn certification maintenance points also undergo a facility management certification online.

Benefits of Undergoing a Facility Management Certification Online

The candidate undergoing an online facility management certification can effectively broaden knowledge and skills in areas of facilities management, and also gain a helpful insight into the impact of technology. At the same time, such certifications prepare the candidates to effectively oversee facility management and also gain sufficient knowledge to crack credential exams like CFM (IFMA Certified Facility Manager).

Program Duration, Certificate Requirements and Fees

Online facility management certification programs have different requirements. Basically, a certificate is awarded upon completion of stipulated credit units, with a grade point average of a minimum stipulated value. The duration of such programs may vary from one month to 10 months. The regular classroom programs are usually 4-5 months long, while the duration of online classes varies drastically. The tuition costs generally exceed $2,000 for a comprehensive certificate course, while the shorter ones may cost you $1,000+. Pre-requisites of these online facility management programs tend to differ from one organization to another.

The Bottom-Line

Without having to attend separate classes and preparing for the course and certification examination by disturbing your regular schedule, a facility management certification online can help you establish a solid foundation in facility management principles. Learn proven techniques that can help a great deal to create a people-friendly work environment, so as to foster personal productivity and also improve efficiency as well as safety.

You may apply for such online facility management certification at -

  • UC Berkley
  • George Mason University
  • University of California, Irwin

You can also master the art of managing projects and quickly planning and carrying out effective relocations. By undergoing a facility management certification online, an individual may develop a better understanding of the latest trends in the field of facility and project management, improve his/her worth in the organization (by becoming more profitable and qualified), and thus excel in the career too.

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