Finding Course Material for Your PMP Certification Online

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Studying for the PMP Certification Online: What Is the Big Deal?

Bright Hub’s own Rupen Sharma, PMP explains his ordeal in passing the certification. In the article entitled “How I Passed the PMP Exam,” he observes that having this designation after his name makes a huge difference in the business world. Not surprisingly, project managers desirous of following suit but hesitant about attending classes at a brick and mortar school find that the Internet is the perfect venue for getting the training and taking the test but not shortchanging work or family obligations in the process.

Where to Find Coursework

Project Management Training Online – for those basically in the know

This site offers PMP coursework that is accepted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as meeting the training requirements of the official exam. The downside of utilizing this training venue rests in the differing windows of availability. For example, podcast courses are available without limitations, but single courses relying on the Skillsoft platform are only available for three months before they need to be repurchased. Costs of classes vary depending on your decision to buy them singly or bundled. For example, a category three bundle worth seventeen hours retails for about $133 while another bundle featuring twelve hours sells for $119.

PM Campus – for newbies in need of an overview

PM Campus is an excellent resource for newbies who are still trying to overcome their apprehension of the exam, much less decipher what kind of coursework can adequately prepare them. Of special interest is the PMP Exam Prep thirty-five hour course that promises acceptance of the training by the PMI. This coursework is available for ninety days and retails for $195. Contact with an online PMP expert is part of the package, which makes this a valuable source of training.

The Offline Option: Is It a Good Choice?

If you are not sure that studying for the PMP certification online is a workable task for you, C Prime offers offline seminar options. They last four days and are held in various locales. Just like the online coursework, the seminars account for the required thirty-five hours of training, but, unlike the distance learning opportunity, offline studying is expensive. In 2009, attendance costs start at right around $1,695.

It is obvious that the most cost effective way of studying for the PMP certification is online. Moreover, as pointed out by Rupen Sharma, PMP, practice is a necessary component as is the luxury of grappling with the information you are given. This is hard to do in a four day session.