What You Need to Know About Getting Your PhD in Sociology Online

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Having a PhD in sociology shows that the student has achieved the highest academic accomplishment in that field of social science. Sociologists study human behavior, but those at the PhD level will have to choose a specific concentration. Some of the most popular sociology concentrations include economic development, feminist and gender perspective, political development, race and ethnicity, pop and media culture and crime and corrections. Pursuing a sociology PhD online will require students to complete all required coursework as well as conducting real-world research and attending seminars.

Required Courses

Most of the required courses for an sociology PhD online will depend on the student’s concentration. The specific online PhD in sociology will affect this as well. However, certain classes will be taken by all students. These classes often include American immigration; methods of sociological inquiry; American Indians in contemporary society; ethnography research; social movements; contemporary social theory; classical sociological theory; and marginalization, subculture and resistance.

Average Completion Time

Online sociology PhD programs require students to complete seventy-two credits for completion. Students will need to complete five short theses, three research courses, and one detailed thesis. It will take students approximately two years to complete this degree.

Top Online Schools

There aren’t many colleges and universities that offer an online PhD program in sociology. Must University is one of the few colleges that offers this degree online. Must University is accredited by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO).

Types of Careers Possible

Obtaining a PhD in sociology online opens many doors. Students can choose from a wide variety of career paths once they complete this degree. Many students choose the journalism path, writing for a variety of places such as environmental periodicals, personnel management and consulting research firms. Students can also choose to work for the government in fields such as law enforcement, social work, health and public administration.

Career Outlook and Salary Information

Research and teaching are predicted to be the most common career paths for sociologists with PhDs. However, this does not mean that finished students cannot choose one of the other hundreds of possible career paths available to PhD level sociologists. Employment opportunities for those in the sociology field are expected to grow by ten percent by the year 2016. Those with a PhD in sociology can make starting salaries of approximately $60,290.00. Depending on their chosen concentration, they could make more, up to $90,140.00 as an average starting salary for political scientists with a PhD.

Why is it Better to Obtain this Degree Online?

Obtaining a sociology PhD online has many benefits when compared to obtaining this degree in a traditional physical college or university setting. Students are able to complete the majority of their degree requirements from the privacy and comfort of their own home. They will enjoy a flexible schedule and the ability to complete their assignments when they are able. They will not have to adhere to a strict class schedule and will have more time to complete their final research project. Most online PhD programs in sociology are also more affordable when compared to obtaining this degree from a physical college or university.