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A Cell Biology Course…Online?

If taking a cell biology course online appears to be a bit odd to you, consider what Bright Hub’s own justkat73 revealed in her article entitled “Experience Virtual Biology with Online Biology Courses.” The author reveals that even though the format is different from in-class instruction, the learning still takes place and provides challenges and bona fide skill building.

What’s Out There?

Biology Online free tutorial for beginners

Biology Online offers an excellent tutorial for the beginner entitled “Biological Cell Introduction.” Technical terms offer hyperlinks to extensive glossaries, which allow the student to quickly progress at an individualized pace. Absolute beginners may look up all the terms involved, while almost intermediate students can simply read on and ignore the links. Consider this course if you are high school student in need of a summer education, wondering if cell biology might be a field of interest for your college career, or if you are already in college and need a bit of skill freshening in this topic.

MIT Open Courseware for undergraduates and graduates at the college level

MIT courses in this program include readings, assignments, and exams from recorded classes. They are excellent for refreshing the knowledge of undergrads and grad students alike. In some cases, they make for outstanding supplementary learning. These classes are free of charge. Titles include “Cell Biology” for undergraduates and “Cell and Molecular Neurobiology” for graduate students.

Cell Biology Virtual Classroom for graduating high school/beginning college students

The Cell Biology Virtual Classroom is a collection of supplemental teaching materials and presentations that are targeted to students currently enrolled in the poster’s class. Nevertheless, the material is accessible free of charge to anyone interested in poking around and educating themselves on inorganic chemistry, enzymes, and human genetics.

They’re Free! How Can They Be Really Good?

Just because a cell biology course online is not charging you a king’s ransom should not automatically disqualify it from your list of useful resources. These courses are backed by academic professionals or institutions with a solid reputation. Moreover, even though they do not offer college credit, they provide solid training in cell biology. The information is available for self paced learning and can make your self directed biology training as quick or as slow as you would like.