Becoming an Entrepreneur with Online Bookkeeping Courses

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Are You Out out for Becoming a Bookkeeping Entrepreneur?

When investigating how to start a bookkeeping business from home, it becomes clear that everyone needs someone to keep track of the numbers – be they in the black or in the red. Not surprisingly, there is an opportunity for vast growth potential that the field offers. At the root of this observation is the fact that every business needs a dedicated professional to track revenues and expenses and put them together in easy to read fiscal statements; it matters little if the numbers are slated to stay in-house or need to be submitted to the taxing authority. That being said, a simple knack for numbers or some trade school accounting classes might get you started, but you could soon feel like you are entering deep waters. This is where online bookkeeping courses can offer you the skills and confidence to proceed in your quest to becoming an entrepreneur.

Available Classes for Newbies, Intermediate Students and Experts

Comprehensive lessons leading to a certificate

Gatlin Education offers a collection of lessons entitled “Bookkeeping the Easy Way with QuickBooks.” This course is designed for the knowledgeable newbie with a rudimentary understanding of basic accounting procedures, and progresses all the way through preparing the fledgling bookkeeper to take charge of a small business’ accounting. Since Gatlin partners with local colleges to offer this online course, the cost will vary. You have six months to finish the classes that total roughly 140 hours.

The DETC-accredited US Career Institute also offers a certificate program in bookkeeping. You receive five instruction packs that cover accounting cycles, AR and AP maintenance, basic depreciation and purchase discounts, payroll accounting and closing books on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This is a highly detailed course that you may complete in as little as four months. The total cost of the program – as of July 2011 – is $689.

Free Internet Bookkeeping Classes to Brush Up on Skills

If you already have some knowledge but want to brush up on some areas of bookkeeping, consider signing up for an on-demand free accounting course from the Small Business Development Center of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Free 90 minute audio and video presentations explain the profit and loss statement, how to prepare a balance sheet and how to set up a cash budget. Another section of the free classes encompass tax lessons for the preparation of sole proprietor business taxes, partnerships and also corporations. These classes are available with Spanish subtitles.

Intermediate and Expert Bookkeepers

Free accounting topics that offer tutorials in general as well as highly specialized bookkeeping disciplines may be found at the College Cram website. These intensive lessons skip the fluff and only offer the bare bones facts. If you have a hard time digesting a large amount of facts in a short period of time, you may have a difficult time with these classes. On the flip side, if you are an intermediate or experienced bookkeeper, who just needs to brush up on a few skills or quickly learn a new aptitude, then this online bookkeeping courses site is for you.

Beyond the Classes

Becoming an entrepreneur in the bookkeeping field takes more than just acquiring accounting knowledge through online bookkeeping courses. If you are going it alone, you must also think of the marketing aspect, your online presence, local advertisements, client pricing, scope of services and any licensing your state or city may require. Unless you plan on outsourcing these business functions, consider continuing your online training to also encompass these aspects of operating your new online business. Moreover, do not forget to invest in home office accounting software, which helps to make tax time for your business a snap.