What Is E-Commerce and How to Earn an Online E-Commerce Degree

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eCommerce Bachelor Degree

A bachelor’s degree in e-business and e-commerce will qualify students for a promising career in online business, particularly with more and more people opting to buy and sell goods on the Internet. A bachelor’s degree in e-business and e-commerce will prepare the students in all aspects of running an online business including finance, sales, costing, marketing, business strategies, and customer service.

Students who pursue a degree in in e-business and e-commerce will receive communication from instructors through various channels including email, phone, and online discussion forums. Students can also interact with teachers and fellow students online for meaningful exchange of ideas.

Eligibility Criteria

One can find a number of online universities which offer bachelor degrees in e-commerce and e-business through an exclusive format that does not impose any strict eligibility criterion for online admissions. Once you pay the fees prescribed, you get admitted into any online reputed university. The only criteria insisted upon is the student should have a basic aptitude for the course. It is also to be noted that one can take admission into the online bachelor degree program any time in the given year since it’s open round the year.

Several accredited online universities and business schools are offering online bachelor degree in business e-commerce and e-business including Western Universal University, Breyer State University Online, CA Ashford University Online, and Strayer University Online among others. [1]

Nature of Online Courses in E-Commerce

It has to be noted that the courses of online bachelor’s degrees in e-commerce and e-business is of global standards and is drawn from experiences of many academicians and seasoned business professionals. It is believed that an online degree program in e-business and e-commerce is of four years duration. However the fact remains, that with an online degree students can complete, the course at a pace of their own choice and they can elongate the course duration.

A bachelor’s degree in e-business or e-commerce is designed to impart lessons in the following key areas using the Internet as a means of communication:

  • Online marketing strategies
  • Database creation and management
  • Web-based technology
  • Buying and selling online
  • Internal procedures
  • Managing business networks
  • Online business communications
  • Finance and accounting

Career Opportunities

Armed with an online bachelor’s degree in e-business and e-commerce, an aspirant has a plethora of lucrative career options to choose from. It is a fact that graduates of the program have become e-business professionals or consultants, Internet marketing associates, e-commerce project managers, database and data warehousing professionals, Internet marketing strategists, and many more.

It is also reported that several self-employed individuals, students, entrepreneurs, academicians, and even housewives have benefited over the years from this online degree program that has transformed them into competent business professionals.

Future Prospects

For those aspirants who have a keen business acumen combined with an aptitude for technology, there cannot be a better course than an online bachelor’s degree in e-commerce and e-business. With the growing use of the Internet, online business has become increasingly popular, and most people prefer to buy or sell goods and services online, sitting in the comfort of their homes. For budding entrepreneurs and businessmen of the future, knowledge of e-business is paramount.

According to the latest report of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for a career in the field of computer related services including e-business and e-commerce is expected to increase by approximately forty percent during the next five years.

Final Words

It is imperative that business professionals and students become aware of both the Internet and business trends if they wish to become successful. At a time when higher education is becoming a choice for individuals who wish to opt for a career in the web-based industry, an online bachelor degree in business e-commerce and e-business is the ideal choice.


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