Online MBA at a Christian College: The Benefits

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Of the thousands of online MBA programs on the market, none are quite as unique as programs offered by a Christian university. Christian universities offer a different perspective than their secular counterparts. There are several benefits of an online MBA at a Christian school, and finding a program isn’t as hard as you may think.


Online Christian MBA programs offer a deeper look into the areas of integrity, honesty, and how to integrate ethical leadership skills to better an organization. In a world of corporate scandals, an executive or manager that has training at a Christian university can bring in a refreshing amount of integrity and visions of virtue in to a company.

Online MBA programs at a Christian University are also usually smaller in class size, meaning that you will have more interaction with your professor. Although your interaction will be through emails or on the phone, you will still get the one-on-one attention you desire with the flexibility of online programs.

Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University offers an online MBA that focuses on instilling in their students a higher standard of integrity, morality, and professionalism. According to the program’s website, “The goal is to equip MBA graduates with more than fundamental business and management skills; they also develop critical leadership abilities that make them stand out in the workplace.”

The program consists of thirteen courses that seek to develop ethical leaders. The program is offered both online and in a traditional manner. According to the program’s website, “For online courses, CCU has partnered with eCollege, a world leader in electronic education, to deliver MBA classes that blend the latest in eLearning technology with the latest business theory and practice. Students attend classes electronically, do research using the Internet, exchange e-mail, and participate in online discussions. Even assignments and tests are submitted online.”

The cost is $615 per credit hour for the course with an added $54 per credit hour fee for online classes.

Harding University MBA Program

Harding University is affiliated with the Church of Christ and is physically located in Searcy, Arkansas. Those who want a quality education but cannot travel to rural Arkansas can complete the Harding University MBA online.

Harding University has two different MBA programs: a thirty-six credit hour accelerated track MBA and a forty-two credit hour concentration MBA. The concentrations available for the online MBA include heath care management; international business; information technology management; and leadership and organizational management.

The current tuition for the Harding University MBA is $520 per credit hour.