Online Health and Wellness Classes: Using Computers to Learn about Alternative Medicine

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Health and Fitness for Seniors and Others

Senior citizens are no longer reluctant to use the computer, and plenty of them email, share files, and rely on the Internet for education on a daily basis. This makes online health and wellness classes geared for seniors a very popular topic on the net. In the past, video cassettes and DVDs, such as those mentioned in the article “Relieving Stress with Tai Chi for Seniors” by gabbi525, provided the lion’s share of health education, but today there are a number of sites dealing with fitness, exercise, alternative medicine, and basic healthcare education that vie for the attention of middle aged and older web surfers.

Examples of Available Online Health and Wellness Classes in Alternative Medicine

Aromatherapy 101

This introductory course into the nuts and bolts of aromatherapy and its applications is offered by the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS). It consists of a sixteen week program that incorporates at home learning, online lectures, and other media in the class. It is a three credit class that costs $255 per credit. ACHS is accredited by the Distance Education Training Council (DETC).

Natural Wellness Studies

The unaccredited Clayton College of Natural Health offers a number of holistic and alternative medicine classes. They include herbology, holistic nutrition, and mind and body healing. Each course is worth three credits, and the cost is $175 per credit.

Naturopathic Nutrition

The Alternative Medicine College of Canada offers stand alone classes in alternative medicine. While the majority of the classes are geared toward the naturopathic practitioner, a number of them—especially those in various nutritional disciplines—are excellent for the senior trying to find a healthier way of eating. The cost for a six credit class is roughly $540. The school is accredited by the Human Resources Development Canada organization.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

The National Institutes of Health offer free online health and wellness classes, such as “CAM and Aging.” These classes are video lectures that come complete with a transcript as well as a question and answer text.

A Word of Caution

Online health and wellness classes do not replace a physician consultation, nor should a student decide to quit any prescription medications and attempt to self treat with the help of herbs and other naturopathic tools until and unless s/he discussed this decision with a treating physician. Remember that even natural supplements may have side effects and, in some cases, may cause serious problems when combined with over the counter medications or prescription drugs. On the flipside, these courses are excellent for seniors who want to explore a new way of healthier living, pain relief, mind and body health, and overall fitness.