Online Social Work Degrees: Distance Learning Social Work Bachelor’s Degree from a Government Accredited Institute

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If you love to serve people and want to start your career in socially relevant areas – like community development, social defense, women’s education, family correction, and special education – then earning a bachelor’s degree in social work will help you become a professional in your field. A bachelor’s degree in social work may also help you find employment with a NGO (Non Governmental Organization). This online social work degree will also help you serve society in a better way by perhaps founding a NGO.

Details About the Institute

The bachelor degree program in social work (BSW) is a specialized distance learning degree course available from the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in India. IGNOU was founded in India by an act of parliament in 1985. It is the most prestigious distance learning institute in India. Today, IGNOU is serving the educational need of two million students of India and 33 other nations.

Eligibility Criteria for a Bachelor Degree Program in Social Work (BSW)

The distance learning social work degree by IGNOU is designed with keeping the simplicity of the course structure in mind. You should have any of the following qualification for receiving admission to the BSW program:

  • 10+2 standard or its equivalent in any discipline
  • BPP from the IGNOU

If you are not a resident of India, you may either contact the IGNOU partner institutions outside of India, or any of the study centers inside of India for getting admission to the course. Please note that you have to be physically present at any of centers only for the final examinations.

IGNOU is an internationally recognized open university, but the degree from IGNOU may or may not be accepted by some U.S. organizations. The degree is best suitable for the people who are already in a professional environment and want to enhance their skills or work on their own.

Course Duration and Fees

The online social work bachelor degree from IGNOU can be completed within a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years. There is no age limit for admission to the course. You have to pay around $65 for the first year. For the second and third years, you pay around $63 for each year. Thus, the complete online bachelor’s degree in social work can be completed by paying around $190.

Classes are offered only at the study centers of IGNOU, but attending the classes is optional. You may prepare yourself from the supplied study materials only. You have to finish the given assignments and send them to the study center. There is no internship or residency requirement for the course, but you do have to appear in person for the tests at the selected study center.


Getting an online social work degree from IGNOU not only costs you less, but you also get a professional social work distance learning degree, which may be recognized at a variety of venues.