Online Course Student Motivation: Use Student Motivation Tips to Achieve in your Online Course

Online Course Student Motivation:  Use Student Motivation Tips to Achieve in your Online Course
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Why motivation is important when attending school online

Online college courses take discipline on the student’s behalf. It can be very easy for a student to find themselves distracted by life’s demands. Staying motivated is a sure way to keep on track. Motivation takes practice and dedication to learn. Applying this to a student’s life will help them tremendously with homework and study time.

People utilize motivation techniques in everyday life activities at school, home, work, in personal relationships, and with strangers. Learning motivation techniques benefits someone not only in life but emotionally as well.

How we become unmotivated and distracted

The phone starts ringing, the baby needs changing, time to make lunch, the dog wants to be let outside, and the list goes on. Power outages from bad weather, unexpected emergencies, phone calls, and other unpredicted things happen all around people when they are at home. These things can be a large distraction for online students.

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Creating a clean workplace that is free from noise will help keep distractions at a minimum, but nothing can reduce them totally. The children will always need help, cell phones will ring, babies will cry, and people will inevitably interrupt. Continue reading to learn some tips to keep the motivation while attending online classes.

Stay on course and keep moving forward: Tips to stay motivated

Here are tips to help students keep their motivation:

  • Create short term and long term goals for the day, week, month, and class. Write a list in the class notebook, create a calendar, or use any other means to make note of short and long term goals. Goals help students to stay on track.

  • When working in groups, give detailed directions. Sometimes it can be hard to sign online and see your teammate messing up a group assignment once again. Giving detailed directions will ensure that fellow students get things right.

  • Make a class schedule for each week. Record information about weekly projects and upcoming homework.

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  • Give yourself deadlines and stick to them. Say a paper needs to be turned in by Saturday; set a deadline for your final draft and edit to be completed by Friday. Furthermore, if the class requires daily posts, set a deadline that you will check-in by 9:00 a.m. each morning.

  • Kindness goes a long way. People cannot verbally communicate or physically see each other in an online class. Most individuals live in different states or countries. Being kind to everyone regardless of the circumstances goes a long way in the online community.

Please continue reading on page two for more tips to help students keep their motivation in an online learning environment.

Stay on course and keep moving forward: More tips to stay motivated

Here are some more tips to help students keep their motivation:

  • Reward deadlines, accomplishments, achievements, staying on schedule, and anything else. Rewards help to keep motivation. Take an extra break from homework, give yourself another thirty minutes of free time, or have your favorite dessert or meal for a job well done. Recognizing achievements is important.

  • Remember your personal investment and the reward for completing the degree or course. Every credit earned is one step closer to obtaining a college diploma.

  • Demand improvement and create challenges. People like to be progressing towards a goal and see themselves improving. By creating challenges, goals are being set. Demanding improvement provides less stagnate time and more productivity.

  • Communication lines need to be kept open at all times. Being open and honest with fellow students and teachers goes a long way.

  • Make things stimulating and fun to learn. Work is a “bad word” in society. No one wants to do work on purpose. Making things fun changes work into play. Change up the routine and get out of the boring tasks.

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Juggling life and school at the same time

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“Daaaaaaad, my bike tire is flat….” “Ring, Ring, Ring…” “Ding dong, ding dong…”

There is no possible way to stop all of life’s little distractions. Online students are required to devote time and work to their classes even though there is no typical classroom setting. With doorbells, children, family, and friends most people find that staying motivated is almost impossible.

Juggling life and online schooling at the same time takes a little practice. Developing a routine and schedule is impera

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tive. Step back and take a look at your day. Where can you fit school time in? Before the house wakes up in the morning? After everyone goes to bed? At lunch? Before dinner? Whenever the time is best that needs to be dedicated to nothing but school. If a student were in class on campus, they would not have door bells and telephones. Remove these things during the time allotted for schooling.

Additional information regarding online learning and motivation

The Internet is a great resource for learning how to motivate yourself, others, friends, and family members.

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