How to Find Locally and Regionally Accredited Online Nursing Schools

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Advantages of Attending Online Nursing Schools

More a vocation than merely a profession, nursing requires a high quality, extensive education. The move toward specialization also fuels the attendance at online schools, which may provide the kind of highly specialized nursing education that the local college may not offer. This is underscored in the article entitled “Learn While You Earn Through the LPN to BSN - Bachelor of Science in Nursing” by Bright Hub’s own Seema Adnani, who showcases the specialized training required for LPNs working toward a BSN degree.

Although it is not uncommon for students to travel to the city in which they may obtain an advanced education, those already working in the healthcare field do not want to give up their tenure at a healthcare facility or well-paying position. Moreover, since many of the specialty courses are properly accredited, the convenience of learning at home cannot be topped.

Examples of Accredited Distance Learning Institutions

Bachelor Degree for RNs from Indiana State University

Institutionally accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and locally approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursing, Indiana State University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. It offers a bachelor degree program for students who are already registered nurses. The courses are available online and any hands-on training may be done in your home town. To qualify, you must have an associate of science degree and your licensure as a registered nurse. Overall, you will take thirty-five credit hours in your major and another thirty in general education; the latter depends the amount of course credit that will transfer.

Texas Tech University Offers Master’s Degrees in Nursing Specialties

Texas Tech—regionally accredited by the _Southern Association of Colleges and Schools—_offers master’s of science in nursing degrees with emphasis on geriatric nurse practitioner skills, family nurse practitioner abilities, acute care nurse practitioner expertise, and pediatric nurse practitioner proficiencies. The nursing program itself is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and locally by the Texas Board of Nursing. It is noteworthy that, depending on the degree you choose, you might only be able to take a portion of the degree online; discuss clinical requirements with an enrollment counselor to find out if you can arrange for the hands-on experience to be offered at a hospital or healthcare provider near you.

Choosing the Right Accredited Online Nursing Schools

Distance education in nursing is available for a host of possible needs; there are programs fashioned for the LPN seeking a BSN; others offer RN to BSN degrees. MSN degrees and also AAS degrees are also available online. Picking the Internet school that is right for you comes down to two factors: cost and accreditation. Opt for a school that is regionally accredited but also holds programmatic accreditations from governing bodies recognized by the United Stated Department of Education. This greatly eliminates unpleasant surprises after graduation when you might find out that in order to sit for a licensure exam, you may have to repeat a number of classes simply because a program failed to have proper organizational accreditations.


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