Learn About CSS Online Classes- Some are Free and Some Have a Cost

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CSS technology comes in handy in designing websites that are well-organized and easy to update. Knowing CSS will benefit your career and lead to good job prospects. Let’s look at look at how you can learn CSS online by taking free or fee-based CSS classes.

Online Classes for CSS Training - Free Online CSS Classes

The free online CSS classes are generally of the teach yourself sort. They may have modules, detailed explanations, examples and exercises. You go through the lessons sequentially and gain an understanding about CSS. These lessons are a good option for independent learners who can get on without external instruction, other than that provided in the texts, videos or audios. Since the lessons are free, you also save your money. The free classes may or may conduct exams at the end of the course and may or may not offer certification.

An excellent example of a free online CSS course is the one offered by W3Schools. The course includes the following sections -

  • CSS Basic, which has 13 modules explaining all the basic things you need to know about CSS.
  • CSS Advanced, which has 10 modules of a more in depth nature.
  • CSS Examples, which gives examples of how you can use CSS to display and modify background, text, font, border, outline, margin, padding, list, table, dimension, classification, positioning, generated content, pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements.
  • CSS References, which offers quick reference help to different style properties.
  • CSS Quiz, where you can test your newly-gained knowledge by attempting 20 questions.
  • CSS Exam, where you can get certified in CSS. W3School offers an HTML Certification encompassing HTML, XHTML and CSS. The exam is conducted online and can be taken at any time. It consists of 70 multiple choice or true/false questions that must be answered within a time limit of 70 minutes. Successful students will receive a hardcopy HTML Developer Certificate from W3Schools. The fee for this exam is $75.

Online Classes for CSS Training - Fee-based Online CSS Classes

Fee-based courses may be conducted by an experienced CSS instructor. These courses may have live or recorded online video tutorials and interactive online lessons. You may read lectures posted on the course website and discuss given assignments online with the instructor and/or the other students. The online class may contain an unlimited number of students from around the world or may have a specific number of students. Classes may be conducted at set times or may have a flexible format that allows students to learn at their convenience. Lynda.com offers various levels of CSS online courses that can be accessed for a $25 monthly fee, a $250 annual fee or a $375 premium annual fee. The former two are for a single course while the premium fee gives you access to all available courses on the website. Once you sign up and make your payment, you are given a password to access the course matter. Some of the courses are - CSS for Designers Creating a CSS Style Guide: Hands-On Training Expression Web: CSS Workflow CSS Web Site Design Course lessons are available as QuickTime modular videos that can be streamed, not downloaded. Learning is self-paced and Certificates of Completion can be earned for each course you take. This certification is not comparable to a degree certification. The University of Washington offers a three month online course in “Introduction to Web Publishing” that covers CSS. The course has 13 lessons, each with “required reading, an assignment and a lab”. You can enroll in the course at any time and the fee is $725. There is also a $41 quarterly technology fee and a $35 nonrefundable quarterly registration fee.