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Online MA in Art Education – a Masters to Teach Art

An online MA in art education (masters to teach art) is intended for people who are passionate about both art and teaching. It is an excellent choice for busy art professionals looking for career advancement in the field of art education. The course will help you do the following -

  • Explore creativity and understand the art-making and art-learning processes.
  • Teach students to think and work in a visual, personalized language.
  • Evaluate, analyze and appreciate an artwork.
  • Understand the relationships between art, culture and society.
  • Become well-grounded in art history, art trends and the works of important past and contemporary artists from around the world.

Getting an Online MA in Art Education

You can complete an online MA in art education in a little over a year. To participate, it is necessary to have a computer, current computer software, and a fast Internet connection. The program may consist of coursework on art teaching methods, curriculum planning, student behavior, class management, art research, art studio work, seminars and discussions. While most of the program can be done online, some schools may require onsite studio work and/or class teaching work for a few weeks; in some cases, the onsite work may also be done in a comparable art studio or art institution in your locality. Students may also be expected to undertake field trips to museums and art galleries.

Colleges Offering an Online MA in Art Education

Alliant International University

Alliant International University, which is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities, offers a Master of Arts in Education program that can be completed in a year. The program requires 30 credits and the tuition fee is $825 per credit. U.S. citizens can avail themselves of federal loans; these are not available for international students, who can apply for scholarships and grants.

To be eligible for this program, you require a current teaching credential and a graduate degree from an accredited institution.

Admission applications are accepted all year round and can be made online. Students should complete two admission forms and provide educational transcripts, two reference letters, a personal essay and a resume. International students should include GRE and TOEFL certifications, transfer verification form and copies of I-20 and I-94 if they have studied in any other U.S. college, a passport copy and an Alliant Financial Certification Form with original bank statement. An application fee of $55 is to be sent along with the admission application.

Mansfield University offers a M.Ed. in Art Education

This online program requires 33 credits. Tuition costs $370 per credit, $51 as course education fee and $60 as technology fee for PA residents for 1-8 credits; for 9-15 credits it is $3,333 for the course, $466 as education fee and $103 as a technology fee. For non-resident and good neighbor students, the tuition fee is $555 per credit, $51 as course education fee and $82 as technology fee for 1-8 credits; for 9-15 credits it is $5,333 for the course, $466 as education fee and $155 as technology fee.

To be eligible for this program, students must have an art teacher certification, a Bachelor’s degree and an art portfolio. They can send in their application with educational transcripts, a resume, a personal essay and a $25 application fee.

Mansfield University is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Boston University

Boston University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The online MA in Art Education program requires 32 credits to complete, and along with studying online, students can participate in a summer studio or study abroad program, where they can study for six weeks in Tuscany or London. The course fees are $592 per credit, $40 as registration fee and $50 as technology fee. Financial aid is available.

Students can make their applications online and include a resume, reference letters and a $70 application fee.

Benefits of an Online MA in Art Education

  • Studying for an MA in art education through interactive, online format acquaints students with current computer and web technologies.
  • The online course is generally student-paced, which means busy professionals can fit it into their schedule and can study at their convenience.
  • Students can interact with instructors and peers online from any location in the world.
  • The online MA in art education can impart students with practical knowledge and experience to advance in the art education field.

Career Prospects with Online MA in Art Education

Qualified students can teach at public elementary and secondary schools, in schools and institutions for children with special needs, in colleges and universities, and they can work in management or administrative positions. Earnings vary according to teaching position, experience, institution and location. The U.S. Bureau of Labor gives the mean annual wage for art teachers as $65,030.