Getting an Online Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education

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Teachers of Early Childhood Education

Imparting education to pre-school and kindergarten children, though exciting, calls for certain rare qualities of head and heart. It is said that the best teachers of children, between the ages of three and five, do not teach in a formal way relying on books but in an interactive way through fun and play. Degrees vary, from associate degrees in early childhood education to bachelor and also master’s degrees or Ph.Ds. Graduates with a master’s or Ph.D. degrees in childhood education generally opt for research work or train teachers of early childhood education, rather than work within the classroom setting.

Benefits of Getting an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

An online bachelor degree in early childhood education prepares the professionals to teach children in a most productive manner through well-designed games**,** alphabet lessons, numbers rhymes and also includes lessons on social skills. Young children are very receptive to new ideas and enjoy all learning opportunities.

With early childhood education receiving increased importance with both parents being employed, qualified professionals, like the ones with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, are in great demand. The career opportunities for those holding a bachelor’s degree in the field are indeed promising. They can serve as teachers at a daycare, preschool or kindergarten, self-employ as a day care provider, an early childhood education activities organizer, or as a librarian in children’s library.

Graduates with online degrees in early childhood education are taught subjects pertaining to child care, nutrition, child psychology – apart from other subjects. The online degree fully prepares the graduating students to work with pre-school children, which calls for patience, perseverance and a spirit of tolerance.

Universities Offering a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education Online

As hands-on learning experience is necessary, only few universities - including Grand Canyon University, University of Phoenix, Walden University, Ashford University – offer online bachelor’s degrees is childhood education. The University of Massachusetts offers an online bachelor’s degree in early childhood education specifically aimed at working professionals who already possess some college credits but wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Occupational Outlook Handbook Report and Statistic

Apart from lucrative pay packages, graduates with an online bachelor’s degree in early childhood education can derive immense job satisfaction in educating and being in the company of young children.

According to Occupational Outlook Handbook: 2008-09 Edition, median annual earnings of kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers ranged from $43,580 to $48,690 in May of 2006; the lowest 10 percent earned $28,590 to $33,070; the top 10 percent earned $67,490 to $76,100. Median earnings for preschool teachers were $22,680.

According to the American Federation of Teachers, beginning teachers with a bachelor’s degree earned an average of $31,753 in the 2004–05 school year. The estimated average salary of all public elementary and secondary school teachers in the 2004–05 school year was $47,602.

In 2006, more than half of all elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers belonged to unions—mainly the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association—that bargain with school systems over salaries, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment. Fewer preschool and kindergarten teachers were union members—about 17 percent in 2006.