Get Your Entertainment Business Bachelor Degree- Online Education Benefits You

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About the Field of Entertainment Business

The entertainment business is a very broad field. Business professionals are able to take this route to further their education and also advance their careers. One benefit of being in this field is that you do not have to settle for one out of five concentrations. If you are not the manager type, there is still something else that is likely quite lucrative for you. There are many titles similar to executive assistant and advertising/marketing professional in this business.

Why Should I Consider Earning my Bachelor Degree Online?

Do you spend 40 hours or more a week working? It is not impossible to get your degree, even if you do work fulltime. You can still earn your degree online if you work odd hours. If it means the world to you to earn your bachelor degree and you require a flexible schedule, online learning may be right for you. An online entertainment business degree gets you prepared for the professional world of business in this field while still allowing you to continue on with your daily routines.

Courses Involved in Entertainment Business Studies at a Bachelor’s Level

You will find yourself taking some important courses in this online program. English and college math will be included in your introductory courses at the beginning of the program. Although courses will vary slightly from one online program to the next, there are common specialty courses, such as:

  • Event Management (which is a recognized upper level bachelor degree course)
  • Television Business
  • Professional Communication and
  • Artist Management

Who Offers This Program Online and What Will It Cost Me?

Full Sail University offers a bachelor degree program in entertainment business. This university is accredited by the Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology. This online bachelor degree costs $50,000. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. This university uses Launchbox Computer Specs to provide students with needed software suites.

What Types of Jobs Can I get and what is the Pay Like?

Graduate with your online bachelor degree in entertainment business and you could walk into many job opportunities. You can become an accountant if you find that your skills are strong in this area. Marketing is a good fit for you if you like advertising. Other job titles for those holding this degree are producers, editors, and writers.

Do you want to become a studio manager or a unit production Manager? The average salary for studio managers starts at $77,000 per year. Unit production managers may make as much as $78,000 yearly.

Reap the benefits of earning your online bachelor degree in entertainment business – get started today!