Master of Education in Instructional Technology: How Do I Start

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M.Ed Instructional Technology: the Degree and Job Market Implications

The pursuit of online degrees in the area of post graduate work is expanding and growing with each advancing year. More adults are returning to school to pursue higher education degrees to press forward in their careers. One such degree is the Master of Education in Instructional Technology. What follows is a two part discussion on what the degree is, job market implications, pre-requisites for study, length of time to complete, cost and overall inherent advantages for using the online learning environment for completing this degree. So, let’s begin.

First what is the Masters of Education in Instructional Technology and how will you use it?

This is an advanced degree designed to help the learner to understand technology and its integrative role in the classroom. In addition, the student receives instruction on the tools necessary for the leadership and management of technology in the learning environment. Finally you will be instructed on how to develop your own integrated technology practices using the latest technology class writing platforms.

For example, one such platform is called Lectora by the Trivantis Corporation which – if you attend A.I.U. – you will gain practical knowledge in. Lectora is a software program used for developing standalone online tests, surveys and content presentations.

While the Master of Education degree is primarily geared for teachers, it can also transcend into the business world, where it is especially applicable for those who are trainers or educators within their specific corporations. It is important to point out that the M.Ed in Instructional Technology will not, in and of itself, meet certification requirements for teaching, but if you have a teaching certificate already you can use this degree to add its endorsement to your current certificate. It is always a good idea to check with your specific state certification agency to get these particulars.

Job market implications for this degree can extend to teaching in the online learning environment itself and also point to the ability to expand and enhance individual roles within your own current work environment. In today’s ever changing environment, technology is bringing new innovation into all areas of life.

Consider that students are growing up with iPods and cell phones, which now frequently are all-in-one devices that allow for instant communication and sharing of information. As students’ competencies have grown, so must yours. This degree will give the individual the necessary background to manage their learning environments and facilitate new learning, all the while augmenting their income, which we will discuss later.

Finally, within the job market this degree opens up new opportunities to move forward and advance careers in an economy that sees the demand for technology and its competence continue to grow. This may include moving from the teaching field to business consulting and training, which can be an even more lucrative working environment.

In the article that follows, we will be discussing the degree itself and what one can expect as it relates to pre-requites, length of study and online advantages. This is a degree that will continue to be in high demand in a market that will be even more demanding. For information on the degree’s financial benefits and career advancement, you can go to Online Masters: Your Key to Career Advancement.