Online Education Degrees for Recession Proof Careers – Learn How Online Education Proves Helpful in a Troubled Economy

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If you are thinking of changing your career path to something that might perhaps be a bit more recession proof, if you are looking to accelerate your upward mobility and earnings, or if you have already been laid off, then now is most certainly the best time to pursue a suitable online degree. Here is why:

1. Equip yourself with the latest education to protect your job: The recession is temporary at best, but an online degree is permanent. You may need to upgrade your skill set in order to compete with the newcomers to your field, especially if they hold advanced degrees. An online degree offers an instant educational upgrade without forcing you to leave your current job or ask the boss for schedule concessions to accommodate coursework.

2. A layoff may happen to you in the future – prepare for it now: Because of so many layoffs, the job market has become overcrowded with qualified workers and is therefore highly competitive. In such a situation an online degree on your resume will definitely put you in a better position when compared to the rest of the competition.

3. Cost does matter: There are a number of online/distance education degrees that are cheaper when compared to an in-class education. For example, you can get a specialized distance learning engineering degree for as low as $200. Moreover, the simple act of learning online saves gasoline. During this recession time, every penny counts.

4. Flexibility: Pursue your online degree after office hours, if are still in a job. What is more, if you are a parent, the online education gives you time to take care of your children and other family obligations.

5. Change your career: You may be a mechanical engineer but you feel that your talent is more suitable in software engineering; on the flipside, you may be a software engineer, but you believe that the profession of teaching is far more suitable for you. If this is the case, this recession period may very well be the right time to go for a suitable online degree, which gives you entry to your dream profession. As you may have a substantially lessened workload at this time due to the recession, you have sufficient time to spend on an online education that nonetheless allows you to stay in your current job.

6. Empower yourself to be promoted: Your boss may give any number of reasons every time to apply for a promotion, why you may not quality at this time. By getting an online degree that sets you apart from the competition, you now have the power to give one good reason to your boss why promoting you is in the best interest of the business.

7. Utilize the higher education benefit offered by many an employer: Most employers encourage a higher education by paying full or partial tuition fees to eligible employees pursuing a course of study that benefits the business. Use these benefits for getting an online degree, while you still have someone who will foot part of the bill.


The recession has already taken many jobs away from workers, and many more are in immediate danger. There is little doubt that the competition to find new work or simply stay employed will be tougher than ever. It is evident that one way to stay ahead of the competition is to empower yourself with an online education degree that just might make your career recession proof.