How to Obtain Online OSHA Training and Certification to Be in OSHA Compliance

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration & Workplace Safety

Online OSHA training and certification classes are a direct outcropping of the rules and regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Its main purpose is the prevention of workplace accidents, deaths, and preventable diseases. With its changing rules and regulations, OSHA has been criticized as being too complicated and not sufficiently transparent for employers.

This has led to the creation of online programs, which seek to prepare employers or their representatives for achieving OSHA compliance in the workplace. Of course, considering that this governing body has instituted the mandatory use of personal protective equipment and the adhesion of guards to moving parts of machinery, it becomes obvious rather quickly that these regulations are lifesavers. This is also expressed in JScheid’s article “Why You Need an OSHA Approved Safety Plan.”

Training and Certification Online

Now that the rationale behind compliance is evident, it is time to examine where and how to obtain your training and certification online. The sites that offer compliance training are plentiful. Two, however, stand out.

OSHA 10 Hour Training – Construction Industry Training

This course is set up specifically for those in leadership roles within the construction industry. It is an outreach training that is designed for workers who fall under the auspices of OSHA 29 CFR 1926. Successful graduates earn a 10 hour course completion certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The subject matter covered includes worksite specific lifesaving equipment, scaffold safety, excavation security, fall protection, and ladder safety. While the official certificate arrives by mail, a printable diploma is awarded right after passing the 10 hour course. The cost is $139.

OSHA Classes – Hazardous Waste Training

In addition to the construction and also general industry training – as well as 10 or 30 hour outreach training – the OSHA Classes site offers hazardous waste training. There are a variety of options available under this umbrella, such as first responder awareness and also a complete hazardous waste management course for $475. This course develops an understanding of 29 CFR 1910.120 and includes 40 hours of training as well as three days of supervised field experience. The classes are only valid when the field experience is acknowledged as having been completed.

Accredited Universities and Colleges Offering CEU Credits

If scouring the Internet for OSHA training and certification courses is not to your liking – and if you would like to earn continuing education credits– or you have a hard time finding a course specifically designed for your industry’s needs, then the OSHA website comes to the rescue. It offers resources for those in need of online training not only for safety in the health or constructions fields, but also points the visitor to coursework in general industry regulations, hazardous materials safety, industrial hygiene, and also ergonomics.

The latter is offered by Great Lakes Regional OTI Education Center, a cooperative effort of Eastern Michigan University, the University of Minnesota, and also the University of Cincinnati. For example, as part of this cooperative, Eastern Michigan University offers an online OSHA course for general industry that allows students to earn 2.6 CEU credits. There are no prerequisites to taking this course, and it covers materials handling, protective equipment, hazard communication, and other safety topics.